The unexpected departure of Pakistan from the Champions Trophy

Okay, So we lost a pretty much winnable semi-final against a half-strength New Zealand. So where did we go wrong ?

Initially we got off to a good start, the strategy was not to give away any wickets in the first 10 overs, and then accelerate, unfortunately we lost both our openers in under 15 overs. Secondly, instead of standing Younis Khan on his usual one down batting position, Shoaib Malik was sent in to bat, this was another blunder that I believe we committed. Shoaib Malik should be given a permanent position in the batting line up, Malik has batted in almost all positions and to date, has no fixed position in the batting line up.

Things started to look stable when Yousuf and Umar Akmal came to the crease, but I think Yousuf wasted too many balls, I mean, scoring 45 off (above) 70 balls is not acceptable for an ODI game. Just when both the players had settled, the 80 run partner-ship was broken when Yousuf inside edged a ball which went to hit the wicket. Yousuf’s dismissal triggered a huge collapse in batting line up, moments after Yousuf’s dismissal, Umar Akmal was given out LBW, in what was a widely criticized decision, TV replays showed that the batsman had indeed edged the ball, but the umpire thought otherwise.

Pakistan was unlucky in this case. Just when everybody thought that making 200 would be impossible for Pakistan, the last wicket pair of the young Mohammad Aamer and Saaed Ajmal put on a brilliant 35 run partnership which could have proved fatal for New Zealand.

New Zealand knew that their target was very much achievable, Pakistan were still in with a chance, provided they fielded well and bowled on target. Unfortunately for Pakistan, this did not happen, two quick blows to New Zealand early on in  the innings provided hope to Pakistan, but the hopes faded away as the innings proceeded. Vettori and Elliott turned out to be the danger men for Pakistan. We had some chances, missed some run-outs, unlucky on some LBw decisions, and of course that dropped catch by Younis turned out to be a fatal one. Rana was giving away free runs in the form of no-balls at a crucial time of the innings, which didn’t help the situation at all.

It just wasn’t Pakistan’s day today, maybe their over confidence had got the better of them. Everyone(including me) were predicting a Pakistani victory, but New Zealand proved otherwise. In the end, its a game, and winning or loosing is a part of it. But hey, look at the bright side, we reached the semi’s when teams like India, Sri Lanka and South Africa couldn’t. Our team played all the matches with full determination, we won against the West Indies, we beat India, we almost won the match against Australia(it was the best match of this Champ. Tophy).

In the end: Pakistan Zindabad!

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One Response to The unexpected departure of Pakistan from the Champions Trophy

  1. Salman says:

    Agreed, too many mistakes were made but that’s part of the game.

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