The News of the Bomb

I just came back from school only to hear that a bomb blast has taken place at a UN office in Islamabad. Fortunately enough I am miles away in the city of Karachi (all is well here). After quite a while, around 2-3 months has a bomb blast occurred in a major city of Pakistan.

This bombing is a reminder to us that even after the death of Baitullah Mehsud, the taliban are still capable of striking anywhere, anytime, and the claim of the government that Mehsud’s network has been dismantled has yet again proven wrong by these insane people who take pleasure by killing innocent citizens.

I don’t know whats going on in Islamabad right now, but, let me guess. The security should be on high alert now, a message by the President and Prime Minister condemning the blast, and a media briefing by our terrific Interior Minister telling the journalist that they had intelligence reports of suicide attacks and security threats. As you all know, Rehman Malik, always knows about how many bombers
have entered the city and when they will strike, it will be interesting to see what he has to say this time.

Mind you, The explosion comes at a time when the Pakistani Army is planning to launch a full-scale offensive in South Waziristan, the rugged tribal region in the country’s northwest which is a stronghold of the Taliban.

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2 Responses to The News of the Bomb

  1. fiza says:

    i have a some grievences with your post on the news of the bomb as there was a blast in peshawar just a few days before this one though i cant remmember that clearly i might be wrong but if im not wrong then Peshawar is also included in the major cities of Pakistan i dont like the way it is treated as of less importance than other provincial capitals. i hope it was just a slip of mind on your side 🙂

  2. mak009x says:

    well, as i stated in my very first post, that i will update my blog if time permits to. No doubt Peshawar holds as much importance as Islamabad or Karachi. I wrote about the recent attacks that ripped thru pakistan this week in this post >

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