Zardari: The most unpopular Pakistani President of all time

President Asif Ali Zardari, aka A2ZFail, is probably the most unpopular president Pakistan has ever had, or at least thats what I feel. I haven’t met a single percent yet who supports Zardari and all agree that he is the worst president Pakistan has ever had (for whatever reasons).

Now many of you would be wondering that if he is such an unpopular figure, how did he make it to the presidency ? In Pakistan, the president is not elected directly by the people, in fact, it is the lawmakers who elect the president. Law makers in the national assembly and all the four provincial assemblies cast their vote, the candidate who secures the most votes will be the President of Pakistan. PPP nominated Zardari as its candidate(or rather Zardari nominated himself), and with the help of its coalition partners, Asif Zardari, who was once languishing in the jails of Karachi, made it to the presidency.

So, Why is Zardari so unpopular ? Well first off, the guy already had a bad reputation. Known as Mr. Ten Percent, he is believed by many to be a corrupt figure in the politics of Pakistan, alongside his main rival Nawaz Sharif. Some people claim that Asif Ali Zardari was the person responsible for Benazir’s murder, so that he could come into power. Ever since he became the President, he has mostly stayed abroad, on foreign tours, while the poor of this country are dying to get flour. His foreign tours have received huge criticism and have added to his unpopularity.

The prices of basic commodities have sky rocketed to an all time high, suicide bombings went out of control until recently and the country is witnessing an unprecedented power crisis. While it is wrong to blame only one man for all the mess in our country, the Pakistani people are always bent upon blaming the highest authority, i.e. the President in this case (it should have been the PM, though).

This is what I have observed, the people want Asif Zardari to be removed from power, but the question is, will it improve the situation ?

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About mak009x
A 15 year old O levels student, crazy about tech, loves politics!

11 Responses to Zardari: The most unpopular Pakistani President of all time

  1. Aman Sharma says:

    Dear MAK,

    First of all, I must admit that I am pleasantly surprised to see a 15 year old school kid addressing such critical political issues with much aplomb.

    However, It is also surprising to see you ridicule your President within no time of his assuming office. Do you expect him to undo all the wrongs done by your military dictators overnight?

    Please understand that democracy in Pakistan was never allowed to rake roots. Military dictators were never answerable or accountable to people. They demolished whatever democratic institutions were fledgling, lest they should become a threat to their existence.

    Please remember, YOU chose Mr Zardari (albeit indirectly, as mentioned by you in your blog). He needs to be allowed a full term to realize the potential of the PPP government. Such criticism will work as a tool in the hands of vested interests to dethrone him and usurp power. These vested interests leave no chance to point out to your people that Army/ISI are the only credible and strong institutions left in Pakistan (remember Musharraf’s statements?).

    You cannot change your past, but you can shape your future now. Please support your democratic government completely, and allow democracy to flourish. You have many good politicians, professionals and intellectuals, who can run your country much more successfully in the future. However, this can happen only if Pakistani people are more patient with their political leadership and keep the vested interests (Army, ISI, Extremists) at bay.

    Twitter id @amancool5 from India

  2. mak009x says:

    Well “no time” seems a word too rude, but yea, we should give him time, thats why at the end of the blog post i said that “the people want Asif Zardari to be removed from power, but the question is, will it improve the situation ?”

    Btw, thnx for the appreciation, hoping to see more comments from you in the future.

  3. xurri says:

    u goin gud broo..:)

  4. AKay says:

    Awesome work man … keep it up… Lets hope zardari manages to do “some” good for the country.

    • Abdullah Shameer says:

      Oh please brother. He will never do any good for the country. I can’t wait for the day he will leave Pakistan for good.

  5. Sriharsha says:

    Hi Mak,
    Well,I would agree more with you rather than with Aman.
    We have seen things for long enough.I dont expect things happen in a day but atleast we wud have been happy even if we could have seen a trailer.
    What I am surprised is that I have heard that Zardari even banned SMS jokes aimed at him.And at times like these such free expression…
    Either M seeing a wrongly painted picture or you are too brave.

  6. mak009x says:

    its true, Zardari tried to ban sms jokes regarding him, but who can control it ?..

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  8. Abdullah Shameer says:

    Yes, Zardari is the worst thing that happened to Pakistan. Over 1 year of him being President, Pakistan finds itself in a difficult position. Today, 80 killed and over 200 injured in powerful bomb-blast in Peshawar. No food, no electricity. He is a begger who has done NO GOOD for Pakistan. Begging America for help and financial aid!
    Until he is removed, i see no great come back for Pakistan. We need someone like Imran Khan. Lets hope we see the day when Imran Khan becomes President and does some good for this country.
    Pakistan Zindabad!

    • tasaduq says:

      oh well, then some body will come Altaf hussain is better and then some else will surely come and say Musharaf is better, so no way out – i believe if each of the party really want good for Pakistan then why they don’t come hand in hand with a solution? distributing into groups simply means they don’t want anything but the chair and paisa!

      PS: I want to say this out, you know why Zardari says Pakistan khapay? well because he wants Pakistan.

      PS1: Do read Malaysian history – we have to learn a lesson from them, if you learn the lesson i will meet you on the road with a flag in my hand and ready to fight Zardari!
      democracy wins you know 😀

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