Pakistan: Situation Deteriorating.

A well coordinated attack on the Army HQ in Rawalpindi followed by today’s multiple attacks in Lahore and Peshawar, the terrorists are again at work. Instead of the usual suicide bombing which we were used to see, the terrorists are now deploying the Mumbai (26/11)  style of attacks, armed with automatic rifles and hand grenades.

It amazes me to see how easily the terrorists were able to penetrate into the Army HQ, managed to kill 6 of our soldiers, and those five or six terrorists caused so much havoc that our Army had to call in its SSG commandos to battle the terrorists. Today we saw how the terrorists yet again showed their skills, by attacking three sites in Lahore, in a matter of hours. A Police Training Academy, a building of the FIA (Federal Investigation Authority) and an elite police training center. And just about an hour ago from now, a bomb blast struck in Peshawar, killing a child and several injured.

This is just going out of control, its about time that emergency be declared in the country and security steps should be taken on war footing. Elite forces of the police and the military which are being used to protect our useless politicians should be stationed at all the sensitive locations. CCTV cameras should be installed in all the locations where the security agencies feel that a security threat exists. Most importantly, the Government must pay heed to intelligence reports, which usually have information about when and where the terrorists can strike. In fact, a special anti terror cell should be set up within the ISI, whose only job would be to inform the government and security agencies about terrorists whereabouts and plans. Moreover, a special Anti-Terrorist squad should be set up, consisting of well trained security personnel, headed by a reputable Ex Army general.

If concrete steps are not taken now, Pakistan may turn into another Afghanistan, soon.

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2 Responses to Pakistan: Situation Deteriorating.

  1. Amjad says:

    In today’s world, fighting this type of crime can be tackled in an easier manner. These attacks are not even military grade attacks. This can be classified as ‘criminal activity’ being undertaken by certain trigger happy teams.

    What pakistan’s major cities need is a proper video surveillance system that can track vehicle movements and keep a record. Fortunately, today’s technology gives you the power to install surveillance devices either through drones, balloons, satellites or even terrestrial networks. Had such systems been in place, we would know by now how these things happened and who were the people who were involved.

    Our investigations usually turn up sketchy results leaving the people wanting for more. No definitive results ever come out. Why, because simply we are not using technology to its fullest.

    With proper surveillance systems installed, even local street crime should come to a near halt.

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