Schools could be the next terror targets

Schools across Pakistan could be facing the wrath of terrorism now, military schools in Karachi and Hyderabad have been closed down for a week and other schools have been told to take strict security measures as all the schools have been put on high alert. According to ‘AlJazeera’,  “A number of private and government schools were also considering a temporary closure on Sunday following the military schools’ announcement, Pakistani security officials said.”   I also got a notice from my school today, saying that the school is on high alert due to security concerns, and no one would be allowed to enter/leave school without proper identification.

While we are all aware of the security hazards, closing the schools down seems to be no solution. Prominent Pakistani blogger, Teeth Maestro, commenting on my status on facebook, quite rightly pointed out that “calling schools off in anticipation should be more with a direct plan, not an evasionary scare tactic.” Terrorists don’t have a specific time frame in which they will attack, they can create chaos anytime, anywhere. If closing down the schools for one week seems to be the solution, what about the next week ?

The Government must devise a proper strategy in this regard, dealing with these terrorists is not a joke. We have already seen how they forced schools to shut down in Swat, and in some cases even destroyed them.

Personally though, even after all these threats, I am not afraid of going to school. Awareness though should be created among the school going children of Pakistan, which I have come to observe are not aware of the dangerous world we live in.

Update: A bomb blast has just taken place in Islamic University, Islamabad, prompting the Sindh government to shut down schools and colleges across Sindh till Sunday.

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2 Responses to Schools could be the next terror targets

  1. Arsal Amir says:

    Abdullah look our govrnment really sux big time. two days back i was thinking that when was pakistan terriorst a free country, but know the talibans have crossed the line. come on look they say that they are the true followers of islam but they just destroyed an islamic school. i didnt know wheather it was co.educated or not. mussaraf couldn’t do any thing about the talibans what do you expect zardari to do. but the only main question is that for how long the talibans will rule pakistan and if their rule will not finish then…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. God Bless Pakistan

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