Where’s Your Dignity Mr.President ?

While surfing around, I happened to stumble on this picture of Obama and Zardari holding a press conference. My immediate response, “What’s up with Zardari..”. Standing besides President Obama with his hands closed, looking up to him as if he is Obama’s most loyal servant.

For God’s sake, you are (by mistake) the President of a nuclear armed state and commander-in-chief of the 6th largest military of the world.

[Update] Here’s another picture of the respected President, and I just love its caption!

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About mak009x
A 15 year old O levels student, crazy about tech, loves politics!

6 Responses to Where’s Your Dignity Mr.President ?

  1. Arsal Amir says:

    Hahahahahahahahahashahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha love the pic

  2. mak009x says:

    dude, come on facebook or msn, need to talk

  3. AKay says:

    Freaking loser i swear

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  5. Mehwish says:

    Most people are finding it hard to digest Zardari at the helm of affairs. Just cheap criticism, Why Zardari is doing this and that. We are citizens of a nuclear and an independent state, it is shameful to think over just despicable things. These cannot be thoughts of developed nations.

    Zardari is democratically elected President of Pakistan, he has worth and respect across the world. He is working for the interests of Pakistan and during the one year of his regime one can compare his achievements with previous leaders. Although there a coordinated propaganda campaign is ongoing against Zardari yet one should not be go so cheap.

  6. mak009x says:

    Very well said Mehwish.

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