India Responsible for Terrorism in Pakistan: Rehman Malik

The interior minister, Rehman Malik, has suddenly realized that India is behind the ongoing spell of terror attacks in the country. ‘We have solid evidence that not only in Balochistan but India is involved in almost every terrorist activity in Pakistan,’ the minister said after attending a meeting on security of educational institutions. ‘I have time and again said there was Indian involvement in Balochistan and we have evidence, which could be shared with India, if they agree to come and sit with us,’ he claimed.

I wonder why it took the minister so much time to realize that India is behind these attacks, maybe he was waiting for clearance from Washington before going on with this statement. Anyway, there is no denying that India’s premier intelligence agency, RAW, which is working hard to destabilize Balochistan (and succeeding), may as well be supporting and funding terrorist activities through out Pakistan.

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