Pakistan Mulls Law To Gag Media, Blogging For the Win!

If there was one thing Musharraf had done right, it was giving the media the freedom which it never had before. But unfortunately for the ousted dictator, the media turned against him, ultimately leading to his dismissal as Head of State.

Now it looks like the ‘democratic’ government, which talks about freedom of speech, is considering restrictions on the electronic/print media. If the restrictions are put in place, the media won’t be allowed to criticize the government, security forces and other worthless politicians of the country.

More details in the video below:

While I agree that showing graphic images on live tv should be banned, but stopping the media from criticizing the government ? Ahm Ahm! I think its too late to do that, the media has a huge influence over the 160 million people of Pakistan today. Imposing restrictions on the media will only help our politicians to cover their sins, nothing else.

I would like to conclude my post with the famous quote by Benazir “Democracy is the best revenge”. Indeed, Benazir, indeed it is.

Hat tip: TheCurrentAffairs

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2 Responses to Pakistan Mulls Law To Gag Media, Blogging For the Win!

  1. MB says:

    O i see
    so now we know what BB meant by revenge
    She can try it !
    Musharraf did and he is paying the price

  2. Amjad says:

    Media must criticize but also not try to impose certain ideas upon the public.

    Second, explicit scenes from blasts etc. do not serve any purpose.

    Third, our media for example often debates taliban, jihad, militancy. But seldom go to discuss the root causes: injustice, inequality, hedgmony of bigger powers and especially lack of support for religion by the government. Even the media lacks support of religion. There has to be a positive coverage of various religious concepts, events, efforts etc.

    In a research conducted by participants of Staff College, Lahore it was found that a lot of dissatisfaction is found in the people of Pakistan for lack of support for religious activities by the government. Our government figure heads would normally be termed as ‘secular’ by even the most liberal of the religious population. Our governments are disconnected from mosques and related activities. While there is a statement or two by the government that we must get together with the US etc. we never hear statements like ‘we must adhere to salat/namaz’.

    The disconnection has also lead to a situation in which some religious groups go to extremes and start thinking in isolation, without any check and balance generated by peers. Peer pressure is a major force in the society.

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