Pakistani Musicians Speak Out Against the US– Not The Taliban

Pakistani pop musicians are propelling anti-American conspiracy theories. The lyrics reflect widespread views among their young educated fans who say the Taliban is not Pakistan’s problem.

Anti-american mindset has always existed in our society, but I think its about time that we as a nation stop blaming the US or even the taliban for our problems, as we only have ourselves to blame. Its about time Pakistan takes control over its destiny.

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3 Responses to Pakistani Musicians Speak Out Against the US– Not The Taliban

  1. A very interesting watch! I liked Noori, Shehzad Roy and Ali Azmat talked out with such openness. Good stuff.

  2. Shoaib Hashmi says:

    I don’t know why the reporter seems to be worried about our musicians not talking about Talibans specifically. They’ve talked about terrorism in their songs which means all kind of terrorism irrespective of any specific group.
    We are living in this country and we know better than anyone about the things that affect us. The problem with the outside world specifically the West is that they say whatever they want to say without knowing the surrounding circumstances. Its easy to criticise from outside but its much difficult to live with the actual problems. We know what we are going through much better than the people living outside.

  3. Aman Sharma says:

    Dear MAK,

    The video is quite revealing, of how even the advanced and educated sections of the society try to brush core issues under the carpet, which ideally should be introspected. Siver lining is, there were other voices which saw reason, and advocated the correct view point.

    You have alingned along the latter, which is a good sign. The best way to correct ourselves is to first admit where we are at fault. Problem diagnosed, administering treatment becomes easy and tolerable.

    Keep it up!

    Aman Sharma
    Twitter id : amancool5

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