Have a heart, you are the president, Mr Zardari!

By Shaheen Sehbai

Here is the strongest man in the country so rattled by a few reports and articles by me, or a few talk shows by Dr Shahid Masood, that he forgets to mention anything about the infamous NRO, the shame of the Kerry Lugar Bill, the gross charges of corruption, money laundering or misuse of power against him and his cronies. He did not mention the issues of sugar, atta, electricity and unemployment. He did not praise the soldiers and people fighting the deadly terrorists. He and his few people now sharing power were only worried about their own fate, with the loud spoken Zulfikar Mirza declaring to the world that he would use the Sindh Card, if worse comes to worst. Read the full article here.

President Zadari, instead of discussing the never ending and the ever growing problems being faced by the country, used this political gathering to hit out against some journalists, namely Shaheen Sehbai and Dr. Shahid Masood, calling them “political actors”. This comes just days after he banned Dr. Shahid Masood’s popular talk show, ‘Meray Mutabiq’.

Zardari did not speak out against the Taliban, he did not discuss the problems being faced by the people and nor he discussed the problems being faced by the country. Sitting in the highly fortified President house, it seems perhaps that the President feels threatened by a couple of harmless journalists, who are just performing their duties.

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One Response to Have a heart, you are the president, Mr Zardari!

  1. Munir Akhter says:

    Neither corruption (the NRO) nor Article 58-2(b) is the problem of opposition, media and Establishment but the most heinous crime of Asif Zardari is the fact that he heads Pakistan People’s Party, the single largest popular party in Pakistan. This is the crime which the establishment and its agents in media and politics are not willing to forgive.

    Despite popularity of Peoples party and its huge sacrifices for this soil group traitors unable to afford PPP and President on the help of affairs. Some columnists are hitting Zardari with poisonous words, anchors in every talk show targeting Zardari either if other Issues of Pakistan has been resolved and nothing is to discuss their except Zardari. The most corrupt persons in all these factions are accusing Zardari and those who even not elected as Mayer of their areas are criticizing Zardari. Who gave them right to mudsling Zardari?.

    Pity the nation where a dictator rules for ten years and all dance at his behest, failed to utter a single world. The cowards hide in their holes and as a democratic Govt comes into rule they suddenly wake up. Curse on them silly stupid.

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