What Change Mr.Zaid ?

Zaid Hamid, a self proclaimed defense analyst and a famous anti-India TV personality of Pakistan. Out of nowhere this guy has taken the media and the people by storm. With his excellent oration skills, he entertains his audience by presenting all sorts of conspiracy theories, from labeling Hamid Mir a CIA agent to claiming that the neocons want to ‘de-islamize’ Pakistan, as if we already have not been de-islamized.

Blaming the CIA, RAW and Mossad for every wrong in the country, Zaid Hamid appears on talk shows on a daily basis, saying that the only way Pakistan can come out of the present situation is by ‘changing the system’. This ‘changing the system’ chant of Zaid Hamid has disturbed me since day one. What does he really want ? He talks about some Islamic system, based on the ideology of Iqbal, and I thought an Islamic system should be based on the ideology of Islam. Perhaps we might see the ‘Khilafat-e-Zaid”, where Zaid Hamid will be the absolute ruler of the country, waging nuclear wars against India, Israel and of course the USA.

The Pakistani people are heavily influenced by the media, Zaid Hamid is making full use of it, and a lot of people are actually believing these conspiracy theories. On several occasions Zaid Hamid has stated that “we” are going to bring a revolution that will change the system, once and for all. Mind you the Taliban have also repeatedly demanded their own Islamic system in the country.

The government seems to be least worried about these conspiracy theorists, perhaps not realizing how much popularity they have gained and the potential threat they impose to the state, Pakistan is not a playground where people can come to demand their own rules.

Zaid Hamid also has a very controversial history, for which I would recommend you to read “Who is Zaid Zaman Hamid? Brasstacks or Yousuf Kazzab Prophecy?“.

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About mak009x
A 15 year old O levels student, crazy about tech, loves politics!

24 Responses to What Change Mr.Zaid ?

  1. mustafa says:

    mr author are you talking about the feelings i m just having after reading your confusing article, it would be great if you come up with what exactly wrong he is spreading. what’s actually wrong with Iqbal’s ideology, do you think Iqbal’s ideology is something different than Islmic ideology, Iqbal was a poet who spread islamic ideology in a different way, much of his audience was youth.

    coming to the conspiracy theories, oh i am interested in knowing few of such theories please mention few of “many” and it would be great if you can give some clue’s what makes you think they are just conspiracy theories not the reality.

    • Khan says:

      Mr Zahid Hamid (previously knowned as Zahid Zaman, was announced Sahabi (Companion) of Yousaf Kazzab ( A person who claimed for Prophethood in 1990s, and was arrested by Pakistani Police and was killed). He is doubted to win sympethy of Muslims by discussing their issues boldly and by criticizing the jews, hindus and christons at first and afterward to continue the mission of Kazzab( The most lier, Yousaf Kazzab).

  2. mak009x says:

    I do not doubt the intentions of Zaid Hamid… he is a true patriot, my main problem with him is when he talks about ‘changing the system’. He is basically challenging the state. Perhaps suggesting a revolution, in which he will forcefully become the head of the state. And I am very eager to know what his so called system has in store for us.

    I would like to have clues on how his conspiracy theories are reality and not myths.

    Please stop blaming everything upon CIA, RAW, Mossad and all this Zionism talk. Look upon what we can do to better this country. The other day Ali Azmat, who happens to be a close follower of Zaid Hamid comes up on an NYTimes video claiming that the neocons want to de-islamize pakistan… I mean huh!

    Z. Hamid talks about invading India, says that we need to save sikhs who are living there as muslims… Does Z. Hamid even know what he’s saying when he talks about invading India ? Putting at risk the lives of over a billion ppl. This is no joke.

    Yes we are a nuclear power, but that doesn’t mean we go all out against Israel and India as Z. Hamid suggests(God forbid if Z.Hamid was in gov he would have declared war by now). The problem with Mr. Hamid is.. he doesn’t talk about the facts. Presents his very own mirch masalay daar karahi, stories of hindu zionism, … which preps up the audience… saying we will conquer India then Israel…and *drum roll*… the audience is like “yeah!”

    Stop dreaming.

    P.S. Appreciate the comment 😀

  3. Aman Sharma says:

    Dear MAK,

    Congrats for being a voice of reason in an otherwise clutter of confused, and at times insane, noises emanating from Pakistan, as that country tries to purge itself of extremist elements for good.

    People of Pakistan need to understand that democracy and economic prosperity are the only ways forward, not war, parochialism and orthodoxy.

    Just imagine South Asia being a loose confederation, doing trade with the world in synergy/unison; India acting as a growth engine for the region, ably supplemented by neighbours who act as the conduits of burgeoning trade, earning incomes that can uplift entire populations!

    Wonder why one should encourage conspiracy theories by the ilk of Mr Zaid when we know he has nothing to offer but hatred! After all, life with the beauty of its myriad colours, has so much love and prosperity in store for us!

    Twitter id @amancool5

  4. Zohaib says:

    Try to make love wid India… it can only be heard from one side and that is Pakistani ppl !! damn …wn will ppl learn that non muslims are no ones freind …may be some one shud learn from musharaf who tried to do frendship and was stabbed in the bak !!

    living wid peace in the region where thr is slaughter …violence and everything being sent into our country from all borders …is waht we are talking abt …”make peace” …rofl ….cummmaaaan!!!make peace wen there will b a sucide bomber out ov everyones house …rofl …

  5. Ipsita Shome says:

    Hey Mak,
    You know it involves immense fun to strip down the so-called public hermits, who are nothing but dumping grounds of ultimate filth.

    Whereas absolute monarchy is concerned, as a world citizen, I can bet that none of the autocrats appeared victorious by controlling people on account of their divine right of kingship. And of course, Zaid will be slaughtered from that position as well.

    Great post! Great awareness!
    Keep writing

    twitter id: @Ipsita_Shome

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  7. muhammad saulat ali khan says:

    hi i am saulat zaid hamid you are heero of pakistan. you will become the leader of ummat e muslima one day inshallah.i pray for you anay time.

  8. raheel ahmed says:

    Please people these are not theories but reality. Pakistani’s are sleeping and need to wake up. The Americans, English, Jews, and Indians are preparing for something but Inshallah Allah (SWT) will destroy any intentions they have. If someone is speaking the Truth why do people question especially those who don’t read 5 times prays and follow the Sunna this is why they are lost. Why do we have english laws ruling our country Interests is Haram in an Islamic country yet we charge this is only one issue. There are so many things that need changing and first corrupt politician need to go. 9/11 Staged, Mumbai Attacks Staged, British Attacks Staged, Swine flu spread Staged. This is all consiparcy against Islam and Pakistan. I support every word of Zaid and people should read Allama Iqbal peotry and you will understand as im doing currently.

  9. mak009x says:

    Brother Raheel,

    These Hindu’s, Americans, Jews, Zionists, Blackwater white water whatever, they don’t need to prepare for anything because we are destroying are our country ourselves. Yes you are right, we indeed do need to wake up and realize what we are up to.

    Our enemy is not Israel, India, USA.. but the enemy WITHIN US.

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  11. Madi says:

    MAK, you are an illeterate person… where is your refernce? Mr. Zaid Hamid is not at all a poer hungry guy… he denies any desire for leadership… listen to him… dont just quote crap you hear…

    We are better off without writers like you who dont even confirm their facts before reporting.

    • mak009x says:

      More than 60% of Pakistani’s are illiterate my dear and from what i see from your english, you aren’t so literate either

      Pehle apne aap ke ghereban mein jhanko, phir doosron ko bolo.

    • mak009x says:

      more than 60% of Pakistani’s are.. and our leaders take unfair advantage of that.

      No offense, but from your comment i can figure out you’re not so literate either. Of course not as illiterate as i am.

    • mak009x says:

      I remember that during one of his shows ‘Wake Up Lahore’, a youngster what he should do for the better of the country. Zaid Hamid replied that you don’t need to join any political party as the whole system is going to change.

  12. khalil_lush says:

    can some plz told me what zaid hamid is realy is ?
    i hv listned his lectures that was amazing and full of loving islam and our nation .

  13. HaseebAhmed says:

    Dear mak009x,

    BRAVOOO dude …. I am more then happy to find at least someone to be sharing the same beleif’s as mine.

    In case of Zaid Hamid all i can say is … “The great obstacle to discovery is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge”

  14. Muhammad zaka says:

    Zaid Hamid is a paid ISI tout with neither the knowledge nor the sincerity to help Pakistan. He is a new brand of conspiracy theorists put forth by the loser Pakistani establishment, which never allows rule of law and parliamentary democracy to fluorish in Pakistan.

    After beating the drum of enlighten moderation, under the traitor in chief Indian born general pervez musharaf, stupid intelligence agencies are taking a U Turn to play with the innocent youth and the public.

    Lets be aware of all so called reformists and condemn such useless pseodo intellectuals who make false self claims…they are making a mockery of Iqbal, Jinnah and Islam’s golden values of plural rights for all….

    Lets condemn Zaid Hamid’s flawed theory and tell him…shut up NON SENSE…he is a clown and does not need to be taken seriously

  15. Nisma Rafiq says:

    Its way to funny to read all these comments and views against ZAID HAMID and I have even forgot how to laugh!

    When are we going to wake up? Its happening people,These aren’t conspiracy theories.Its reality.
    India Blames everything on us? What if we accused them with a proof?When our government has the evidence they do tell INDIA. And you are saying that its all again ZAID HAMID ideology.
    We all have our differences but THIS is the fact which cannot be denied.RAW Mossad CIA they are doing it.
    Only we the Pakistanis are the one who really want to be friends with India…And on the other side of the border their hearts are only filled with hatred.
    Zaid hamid is trying to unite us, against our common enemies .
    Is it Wrong to unite the Nation?
    Is it wrong to recall the lesson given to us by our religion?
    Is it wrong to have a firm believe in ALLAH and his promises?
    IS it wrong to make peaceful Pakistan a reality?
    IS it wrong to fulfill the dreams of IQBAL and QUAID?

    If it is then I prefer to be on the wrong side!

  16. Mary says:

    MAKK 009 you need to correct yourself. Learning English is not an only criteria of being educated and literate. I think what expressin your comments is worst than what an illiterate person can say.
    You guys say freedom of thought and expression but Mr. you all are in dead need of fixing you concepts that your freedom ends where other person’s nose starts. there is nothing named democracy, its better to say hypocracy and thats forbidden in almost every religion.
    And yes our youngsters need not to join any existing political parties because the whole system is corrupted n needs to be changed and for that we need to bring change. No matter who s going to change it . either Zakir naik, Zaid hamid, shahid masood or XYZ. But we are in dead need of bringing in pure , transparent and above all Islamic system in out counrty.

  17. Mary says:

    @ pakistanis please try to unite as you can see people ganging up on us. Ignore the differences and praise our leaders who realy want to bring a positive change in our system (as a whole).

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