Motorola Droid To Be Available in Pakistan By Feb, priced at 50k

From now on, apart from writing on the political situation I will now also cover the technology related developments in Pakistan.

Blogger Haris Nadeem of SizzledCore, who got his hands on the Motorola Droid recently tweeted that according to his sources the Motorola Droid, the much hyped iPhone competitor will be available by February ’10 and is ‘expected’ to be priced around 50,000 [PKR].

Apparently, there is currently only one Droid handset  in Pakistan, which is with Google Pakistan’s representative, Badar Khushnood.

The price of 50,000 is very reasonable, keeping in mind that a 16gb unlocked iPhone 3GS sells here for not less than 60k. It won’t come as a surprise if Droid manages to steal the local market share.

Do you plan to buy the Droid ? Tell us about it in the comments box.

Note: 50,000 is the expected price tag, however the final retail price may change.

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15 Responses to Motorola Droid To Be Available in Pakistan By Feb, priced at 50k

  1. WINAR!

    I’d take the Droid over the iPhone any day.

  2. Abdul Mateen says:

    I am among very few experience Android developers in Pakistan mainly over 1 year professional dev experience, I think this phone is good! I would like to buy this phone for dev purposes.

  3. zubair waqar says:

    id buy it, but 50k is a bit steep. i think more around 40k would be nice. been using the G1 for too long now. hey ny1 know of an android pakistan only site?

  4. Naeed says:

    i really want to it right now even in 50k

  5. Naeed says:

    i really want to buy it right now even in 50k

  6. Zubair says:

    dude its 15th feb. where is the droid?????

  7. Zaib Ali says:

    Only one in Pakistan?,,,,,,,,,,,My Gf has one idiots!

  8. Zubair says:

    hey i just heard moto droid is not a gsm phone. tht its an amps. i cant find any proof that says its gsm.

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  10. Naeem says:

    is it GSM or ready to use in Pakistan

  11. Naeem says:

    any news of HTC Droid Incradiabe ?

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