The Karachi Ashura Blast and Our Reaction, Who’s Involved ?

Terror has made its way back to the city of Karachi. At least 32 people have been killed so far in a blast which occurred around 4:15 PM (Pakistan time) during a huge Shia procession leaving more than 50 injured. To add insult to injury, an angry mob, enraged by the terrorist activity, began their own terrorism and set to fire at least 500 shops in different parts of the city, and also reportedly burned at least 40 cars. Although the whole country had been the target of bombings through out Pakistan, Karachi somehow remained safe from the terrorist activities. However just as the year was coming to an end, terrorist once again proved that they can strike anywhere, anytime, at will. The blast came amid tight security arrangements.

The people, instead of going wild and expressing anger by burning down over 500 shops, should have remained calm. They are NOT doing us a favor by committing these horrendous acts. Whats more, they even torched several ambulances.  All this won’t get us anywhere.

KARACHI: Enraged people set several vehicles on fire in reaction to a power blast that ripped throughKarachi’s main Ashura procession, killing at least 20 people. According to media reports, angry mob have set ablaze Light House building situated at the MA Jinnah Road. While several vehicles, parked around the city court, have also been set on fire, sources said.

Rehman Malik somehow got to know that it was a suicide blast, even though the investigations have not begun. Yet again many people like Ahmed Quraishi (aka Zaid Hamid Junior) came up with their usual rhetoric that this was the work of ‘Indian agents’. Everyone knows how we spoon fed the Jihadi groups we created in the 80’s and the 90’s. After using them in Afghanistan, we sent them to Kashmir, but they have changed their direction and now their target is Islamabad. I believe some pro Jihadi Sunni group (with links to TTP)  is involved in it, trying to incite violence between Shia and Sunnis.

What do you think is involved in these attacks ? What do you suggest be done to stop this menace ? Do tell us about it in the comments box.

Update: Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed responsibility for the blast.

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5 Responses to The Karachi Ashura Blast and Our Reaction, Who’s Involved ?

  1. Azfer Shaikh says:

    well i must say this was very descriptive..
    i think this is a suicide blast..and the matter got worsened by the people involved..
    there was a huge lack of team rescue team no security/police..
    and the most needy and important no Army!!
    we can only send down rescue teams and army (curfew) and get the matter stable..and extinguish the flames and minor damages..

    • xurrain moosani says:

      @ azfer see as there was a bomb blast caused to enuff of distruction nd loss of human live, and the whole city was disturbed.but after the blast in the minimun, minimun period of time more then 5000 or 8000 shops were burned so what does this mean? actually all this was been planned cox its immposibe to burn 8000 shops without any planing. soo u see our own ppl are our enemy fell sorry for the poor ppl who closed their shops happily and were with well money but wen woke up LOST evrry thing.

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  3. Nazish says:

    Some of our people are falling and trapped in the hands of those who wanted to create differences aganst us.

    See and read how INDIA shias & sunnis are living each other, see how shia & sunni ulema.. both attend conferences, sit.. and have dinner each other at Darul-Aloom Deoband conferences and everyother place.

    Why we have his harted here in Pakistan.

    Loss is loss, those who lost lives or money. You can see that even 10 sunnis who were in jaloos were the victim of sucide and you can also see that 100’s of shias & bohri shias shop were burnt..

    I ask them that do they think some sunni do the sucide.. NO

    And in the same manner do you think that the shia burnt the shop — NO

    Be vigiliant.., there are 100 of things which you cannot easily pass away.

    1) Chemical . Phasphoros was used.. See the Dawn news — Do you think that plp in jaloos take this phasporos from home.. and came into procession. as they know that some sucide bombing will be in place.. Think youself

    2) The first shops were burnt of Pathans.. at Light house, which open startight fire to the back side of the pro mqm place…

    3) CDGK has already give notice from 4 months.. to get this place.. empty.. Listen from your own the business community that they have ordered and they were looking for some reasons to get them out.

    There are many reasons, you cannot start abusing each other so easily. We are living with 100 of years. We cannot kill all shia and neither they cannot kill all of us.. SUNNIS.

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