Afridi Tampers Cricket Ball– Final Nail In The Coffin For Pak team ?

Things couldn’t have gone worse. A horrendous tour to Australia where we were white washed. Loosing the Test series 3-0 and ODI series 5-0. In other words, we didn’t win even a SINGLE match on this tour and to add insult to injury, Afridi comes up with his own way to ‘help’ Pakistan win the last ODI– the only match where we got close to defeating the Aussies.

Ball tampering enables more swing/spin on the ball. What Afridi did wasn’t exactly ‘ball tampering’. Rather it has been labelled as ‘ball biting’. However the purpose for both is the same.

“I was just trying to help us win our first match (on this tour),” Afridi said, adding “I still believe that we are a talented team and just need a win to lift ourselves.” Afridi, 29, has not only admitted that he was involved in ball-tampering but might have also landed himself in deeper trouble by claiming that all international teams are involved in ball-tampering.

Afridi was tipped to take over as the next permanent captain of the Pakistani cricket team, however this act of his could hinder his chances of becoming the skipper.

Afridi should be thankful that he was banned for only two T20’s, the ICC could have taken a much, much more serious action and ban him from several ODI’s and Tests.

P.S. Some mentally retarded Aussie from the crowd jumped on to the field and attacked Khalid Latif. Australians are well knows for their racism… we all know what they have been up to against the Indians lately.

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