Dr.Aafia’s trial in final stage

The trial of Aafia Siddiqui moved into the final stage on Monday, with defence lawyers highlighting in their final arguments the disconnect in the accounts by the prosecution witnesses.

After both the prosecution and defence delivered their closing arguments, the 16-member jury went into deliberations to reach a verdict. According to experts, the verdict could come early next week although there is no fixed time frame for the judgment.

The defence’s main argument was that evidence by the prosecution witnesses lacked coherence and their varying accounts were, in fact, contradictory — not only to each other but to themselves.

Besides, the defence lawyers argued that there was no physical evidence produced by the prosecution to substantiate charges against Aafia. The prosecution, they stated, tried to create an “atmosphere of fear” by producing handwritten notes by Aafia.

During her deposition, Aafia told the court that she recognised some of the notes but not all of them and that they had been put in a handbag given by her captors, who were threatening to harm her children.

Defence lawyers also focused on the fact that there were no fingerprints on the M4 rifle allegedly used in the shooting incident and there were no holes in the walls created by the bullets allegedly fired. Nor was there any residue on the curtain, which partitioned the rooms between Aafia and the US personnel in Afghanistan. There were no bullet projectiles found in the wall where the bullets were allegedly fired, they further pointed out.

The prosecution pressed their charges by stating that there were six witnesses to prove the alleged incident. Attorney Tina Foster of the International Justice Network has said she is hopeful of a positive outcome. However, she said regardless of how weak the prosecution’s case be, which currently looked like a flea circus, it all came down to whether an American jury could acquit a woman with a scarf covering her face.

[via The News]

Lets hope justice prevails, after all, the US has an independent and unbiased judiciary… or does it ?

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5 Responses to Dr.Aafia’s trial in final stage

  1. Azfer Shaikh says:

    finally she has some chances of winning the case …and come home..
    i hope this works out.

  2. mak009x says:

    Yes.. we all do. Just keep praying, thats all we can do right now

  3. aun says:

    yes…i ll pray in all my nimaz if i do so….well allah will help her out inshallah..

  4. Azfer Shaikh says:

    mak pls keep us informed on this topic..

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