Zaid Hamid, A Hatemonger

Ghazala Minallah from Islamabad sent the following letter to a local English language daily, urging the government to take action against hatemongers like Zaid Hamid.

“There are a lot of tongues wagging these days about Zaid Hamid. With his western dress, red cap and a modern singer and dress-designer on stage to try and convey that he’s not an extremist, I am afraid every word he utters reeks of extremism. He is addressing the youth of this country, and considering what the nation is going through already, he is preaching hatred and violence. He talks of the Muslims of Pakistan being the ‘chosen’ race.

That the survival of Islam is in their hands, and that they must prepare to conquer Delhi and Israel. He preaches arrogance and contempt for all other religions and races. He ridicules democracy and there are blatant pro-army undertones. He distorts Muslim history and speaks of Gen Zia with reverence. He twists Iqbal’s poetry and the Quaid’s ideology to give credibility to his anti-state propaganda. He mentions the coming of a leader and whether this saviour comes through the use of force by the army or through a religious uprising, ‘we’ (they) would welcome ‘him’.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know who is pulling Zaid’s strings. If he is a true patriot and had an ounce of compassion for this country he would be preaching peace, tolerance, respect for the rule of law and the constitution. In fact, he preaches the total opposite. He reminds me of the FM broadcasts by Fazlullah in Swat who used religion to win over the illiterate masses. And what did the state do while this was going on? Nothing at all; and the rest is history. Let us not make this ridiculous mistake again. I urge every patriotic Pakistani, in particular the youth, to only use their commonsense. I request everyone to read the last speech our Holy Prophet (PBUH) made after the conquest of Mecca. And I urge everyone to study the ideology of Mr Jinnah.

As a concerned citizen I want to know why such anti-state elements are not tried for treason, and also why such rubbish is being promoted by the media. And before anyone mentions ‘freedom of expression’, let me clarify that even in countries with a good track of fundamental rights, such rhetoric would not be protected. Those who protect and patronise such elements need to be questioned as well.”

Very well put by Ghazala, also do check out my post on Zaid Hamid. I would welcome your comments on Zaid Hamid who has indeed been able to build a huge following, but what is his agenda ? My main beef with Mr. Zaid is that he talks against the state, apart from spreading hatred against other nations… and the government, media have given him a free hand.

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7 Responses to Zaid Hamid, A Hatemonger

  1. I say he’s an OK guy and that his speeches-cum-sermons are rather inspiring AND good for the country.

    As long as we don’t start following them 100%. Listen to him with a pinch of salt 😉

  2. Asad says:

    He also talks of self revival Ghazala … dignity, honour, peace, love and tolerance in society … why is that never mentioned?

  3. khawerkhan says:

    Perhaps that part is not mentioned because he talks about invading India, and about the superiority of the Pakistani blood?

  4. talkhaaba says:

    I don’t care what a liar says. I know that he is a liar and non believer. I don’t care if someone is non believer but i wouldn’t let any non believer misguide Muslim by posing himself a true Muslim. I ask all Muslims who believe in the finality of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), would you benefit from that part of Ghulam Mirza Qadiani’s literature which is inspiring and good for the country? If yes then i’m afraid you don’t know about Islam and If No then why Zaid Zaman Hamid who had not only been the Khalifa-e-Duem of a false prophet Yousaf Kazzab but has gathered now the scattered workers who had gone into hibernation after the death of Yousaf Kazzab?

  5. Zubair says:

    Now i am not a fan of this guy, but i think our current government is worse. I agree that it is best to avoid him and verify what he says from reliable sources, but as far as him being a hate monger against the current regime in Pakistan, i think thats about the only good quality he has. Criticize him on stuff he is guilty of, not on the fact that he is pointing out the faults in our system.

  6. talkhaaba says:

    why doesn’t he crticize the military establishment which is equally responsible for the present situation. He has been a big propenent of Musharraf, the first meerasi president of pakistan

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