WikiMir Fraudia List: A compilation of all the big names of corruption in Pakistani politics and beyond

I was googling around when I happened to stumble upon this interesting list, dubbed the ‘fraudia’ list, which is an initiative to compile the names of the all the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, Generals and journalists. The list contains names from people like our President to corrupt bureaucrats like Ahmed Riaz Sheikh along with all their known corruption. A message on the page says:

We are compiling this list as a community project. If you have any information regarding a Pakistani politician, bureaucrat, military person, journalist just write it here. If you do not want to edit this web page, you car write on the Discussion Page for Fraudia List. It would be then added onto the Fraudia List. Any, all help is highly appreciated.

This a highly appreciable project– if you think you know any politician/bureaucrat/general or journalist involved in corruption, feel free to add their name to the ever growing fraudia list.


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3 Responses to WikiMir Fraudia List: A compilation of all the big names of corruption in Pakistani politics and beyond

  1. Mashal Khan says:


    A very laudable effort. It might have taken a lot of resources and time to compile such an exhaustive and comprehesinve list.
    I have cusorily gone through the list and found names of people who were considered very ‘respectable’ in our midst. Most of the netrants belonged to the civillian side of the polito-military didvide. Certainly i found the nmaes of poliicians who are still playing their innings in the political arena. There were bureaucrats who had either retired or no so well known. on this count it is laudable that your team has also brought up those unknown to the fore as well.

    You have also discussed the current prime minister and the president. But astonishingly, the list is very much silent about the most powerful people in this land of the pure; the Faujis. I have failed to notice the name of any serving generral in thn list. in this backdrop i wanted to ask a simple question; are the generals, the real owners and movers and shakers of this unfortunate country, not corrupt? Do you people think that the owners and managers of DHAs and hundereds of small and large corporations and companies and not accountable and open to civillian control, are clean by any standard? If yes, can anyone answer the questions about their lifestyle after retirement and the sprawling villas?

    I do believe that honesty has become an exception in this country. the rule is ‘corruption’. It depends upon opportunities; a common man would, if he could, steal anything like electricity etc. while a banker will siphone off millions in foreign bank accounts. A prime minister will not spare anything under his/her control and will milk it to the very last drop.


  2. annu says:

    yeh 1 bohat achi koshish hy in fraudio ko by naqab karny ki. main bpko aisy hi 1 fraudiy k bary main btana chahu ga. uska nam hay hakeem saeed. qillah gujjar singh lahore ka rwhny vala hay. yeh banda ppp ka karkun hay. or aam logo se party ka nam ley kar hajjj o umry or jobs k name per fraud karta hai or un k paisy kha jata hai. iski tahqeeq kar k usko by naqab kia jay

  3. annu says:

    hamary sath bi is ne aisy hi fraud kia tha. yeh banda logo ko kehta hai k aap mujy itny paisy do aapjko job per lagva du ga. or kehta hai k just 10,000 rupy ya is se b ziada do tum logo ko khuddam e hajjaj main bheju ga. iska nam hakeem saed hay or yeh qillah gujjar singh lahore ka rehny vala hay. magar yeh koi b kam ni karta or logo k paisy kha jata hai or vapis ni karta. yeh bohat bara fraudia hay.plz isko roka jay. is k khilaf koi to action ly

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