A Salute To the MQM

I was pleasantly surprised when I went to the Geo TV website today, and the main headline was “Altaf advises President Zardari to resign“.

The senior analyst of Geo News Dr.Shahid Masood said the top leadership of MQM had conveyed the message to President Zardari through Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Baber Awan to give sacrifice along with his companions and face courts. Talking to Dr. Shahd Masood, MQM leader Altaf Hussain told the government that NRO is a black law and it should not be presented in the assembly but government had ignored the suggestion and presented it in the parliament. The MQM coordination committee will announce MQM’s decision later.

Hearing such a statement from the MQM, which I consider a power hungry party, always going with the status quo, was pretty surprising for me. For once, Altaf bhai and his co have finally spoken in favor of justice and truth. The NRO is such a law under which all the crooks of this country, including President Zardari, would be exempted from all the cases pending against them, most of them are corruption cases and the main beneficiaries of the NRO would have been mostly PPP members.

Altaf Hussain who himself has a dozen of cases, including murder cases pending against him, would have benefited under the NRO and got their hands clean from all his committed sins, but instead he took the right stance. He recognized that the NRO is a ‘black law’ which would defame the country’s politicians and judicial/accountability system. I hope Mr. Zardari pays heed to Altaf bhai’s advice and face the courts if he is really innocence. Having said that, Altaf Hussain who is currently living in London in self imposed exile should also come back and let justice prevail.

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