Opening Up The (So Called) Defense Council of Pakistan

I’m sure many of you would have recently heard about the ‘Pakistani Council of Defense’, which has suddenly emerged out of nowhere, holding rallies in Lahore, Multan and soon will be doing another show in Karachi.

So What’s All the fuss about ?

Even I’m not too sure about that, but this council seems to be an umbrella for all banned/extremists/and known establishment stooges to unite on one platform. It came to existence a couple of months ago, after the much dreaded NATO strike at the Salala checkpost of Pakistan.
They probably think of themselves as the ‘Saviors’ of Pakistan, out to rid the country of all its ills, motivating the nation with false hope, and portraying the U.S. as Pakistan’s enemy number one, which is the main card in every religious/extremist and establishment backed group, perhaps not realizing that they themselves are the biggest cancer which has inflicted Pakistan.

Calling the people towards false Jihad with pictures of American made F-16's

These people want to promote the same mindset which has lead to a completely intolerant and polarized society. Here’s a quick look at the people who are at the helm of this council (Courtesy Wikipedia).

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed:
Hafiz Muhammad Saeed (Urdu: حافظ محمد سعید; born 1950) is the amir of Jama’at-ud-Da’wah, a charity organization that is widely considered to be a cover organization for Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), one of the largest and most active militant Islamic organizations in South Asia, operating mainly from Pakistan.

Hamid Gul:
A retired high-ranking general officer in the Pakistan Army who served as the Director General of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s premierintelligence agency, between 1987 and 1989 during the late stages of and after the Soviet-Afghan War. Gul is widely known and credited for starting the insurgency in Kashmir against India in 1989 by diverting the Mujahideen who participated in the Soviet-Afghan War to Jammu and Kashmir in India. Gul was also instrumental in the establishment of the Taliban and was once known as the “father of the Taliban”

A surprise entry to the council’s latest gathering in Multan was none other than the highly notorious Malik Ishaq, who heads the well known and banned militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi which is said to be a breakaway faction of the Sipa-e-Sahaba.
Apart from them, the council is being fully supported by the country’s biggest Islamic party, the Jamat-e-Islami and by Shaikh Rasheed, the famous politician of Rawalpindi and one of Musharraf’s ex close advisors.

So what now ?
Well, if Gen Hamid Gul thinks that he can create another IJI in the name of ‘Pakistan Defense Council’, he’s dead wrong. These people must realize that they are not helping the country in anyway. Pakistan’s future lies in a democratic and tolerant society, where we preach books, not guns and rockets. And with such dubious characters, God forbid if this council succeeds, Pakistan will go back to the 80’s.


C.I.A Authorized to Expand Drone Strikes, Balochistan on the hit list

If this NYTimes article is to be believed, then it seems that American predator drones could soon be making their way to Balochistan.

The White House has authorized an expansion of the C.I.A.’s drone program in Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas, officials said this week, to parallel the president’s decision,announced Tuesday, to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. American officials are talking with Pakistan about the possibility of striking in Baluchistan for the first time — a controversial move since it is outside the tribal areas — because that is where Afghan Taliban leaders are believed to hide.

This is just unacceptable, the Americans are directly challenging Pakistan’s sovereignty. If the US has any evidence regarding the presence of any Taliban leader, they should provide it to Pakistan. The US has time and again mentioned about the presence of the ‘taliban shura’ in Quetta– without any evidence. Drone strikes cause more collateral damage, instead of striking the real targets, innocent civilians are killed. PM Gilani is right when he says that drone attacks are ‘counterproductive‘.

Would President Obama or the American people like ‘Pakistani drones’ bombing  US territory ? Definitely No. Pakistan has the capability to shoot down drones, and we should use this capability. No one wants to  escalate hostilites, but there should be no compromise on the integrity and the sovereignty of a country.

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How The ‘News’ Works

Well, the picture speaks for itself.

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Pakistani Musicians Speak Out Against the US– Not The Taliban

Pakistani pop musicians are propelling anti-American conspiracy theories. The lyrics reflect widespread views among their young educated fans who say the Taliban is not Pakistan’s problem.

Anti-american mindset has always existed in our society, but I think its about time that we as a nation stop blaming the US or even the taliban for our problems, as we only have ourselves to blame. Its about time Pakistan takes control over its destiny.

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Economist Predicts Second Crises Wave Will Shatter U.S. in 2010

Okay, this doesn’t have anything to do with Pakistan, but I feel its just too good to miss.
A Russian economist Igor Panarin believes that the United States will be divided into six parts as early as the summer of next year.
Texas already has the right to secede from the union anytime they want to, so if we are to see the US dividing into smaller countries, Texas should lead the way.

History shows that all great empires come to an end, the USSR, the British empire, the mughal empire, Nazi Germany were amongst many other empires that were one the superpowers of the world. Is it now the turn of the US ? Only time will tell.

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Clinton: “I didn’t come only for happy talk”

Looks like Hillary Clinton was already expecting tough questions on her recent visit to Pakistan. She not only met the top leaders, but also interacted with the ordinary citizens of Pakistan which is a welcome sign.
She was on a 3 day visit to Pakistan, which is ‘a long trip for a secretary of state’.  Though her first day was overshadowed by the mighty Peshawar blasts, the rest of the two days turned out to be pretty interesting for Clinton.

The secretary attacked Pakistan and said that we were not clamping down hard on al-qaeda, which according to her are present in the tribal areas of Pakistan, where a military operation is currently underway. She acknowledged that US had made mistakes in the past but also said that ‘I wanted to demonstrate that, look, we are not coming here claiming that everything we’ve done is perfect’.

As she continued giving us lectures on terrorism, a journalist Asma Sherazi, correctly pointed out to her that  “We are fighting a war that is imposed on us. It’s not our war. It is your war, You had one 9-11. We are having daily 9-11s in Pakistan.” The majority of Pakistan doesn’t hold al-qaeda, or Osama bin laden responsible for any terror attack that has struck this country, as responsibility for most of the attacks is claimed by the Pakistani Taliban (TTP).

Although Ms. Clinton answered every furious question of the Pakistani’s, one question to which she couldn’t answer was about the controversial US drone attacks in Pakistan, justifying the drone attacks by saying “There is a war going on”.

Asked whether she had underestimated the level of anti-American sentiment in Pakistan, Mrs Clinton said: ‘No, because I’ve been following the research and the polling that’s gone on for a couple of years. I knew that we were inheriting a pretty negative situation that we were going to have to address.’

The tour had some ups and downs, and her first day was overshadowed by the devastating blasts in Peshawar, but overall I think its a positive step towards building a better relationship. I appreciate the fact that she interacted with ordinary Pakistani’s and listened to their reservations over the US policy in the region. We need more visits like these from high profile US officials, in order for them to understand the real issues concerning Pakistan.

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US Trying to Take Control of Pak nuclear arsenal, Government Silent


Pakistani authorities have enough evidence that implicates US diplomats and trainers in spying on Kahuta, one of the prime nuclear facilities in the country.

What is stunning for most Pakistanis is that elements in the elected government, and especially the Interior Ministry, appear to be facilitating the Americans despite protests from police and intelligence officials.

The issue brings into question, once again, the role of Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik.  A trail of
internal ministry documents sharply bring Mr. Malik’s role into focus, especially in a case where his ministry appears to have permitted US defense contractors to conduct suspicious activities on Pakistani soil without informing Pakistani intelligence agencies.  Those activities have included allowing at least one US defense contractor to conduct a large scale recruitment of retired Pakistani military officers.

In 2003, the government of former president Pervez Musharraf allowed the Americans to establish a police training facility within the police college at Sihala, a few kilometers away from the Khan Research Laboratories, one of Pakistan’s premier nuclear research centers.

The Commandant Police Training College Sihala, Mr. Nasir Khan Durrani, wrote a letter on Aug. 15 to senior Pakistani police officers drawing their attention to the suspicious activities of American ‘trainers’ at Sihala.  Mr. Durrani is widely respected within the officer corps of Pakistan’s police service.  Some of his ideas, like Rescue 15, were implemented nationwide.

Durrani’s letter was not without basis.  In his report, titled,
Agency wants survey of site to assess equipment, Mr. Ansar Abbasi, editor investigations at The News International, revealed that there was some evidence that radiation measurement equipment has been installed by the Americans at the training facility.  He reported that US diplomats have been caught making frequent visits to the facility, attempting at one point to get into the high security perimeter around Kahuta. Amazingly, someone from FIA, the interior minister’s former employer and a lead civilian spy agency, helped release the arrested American diplomats.

The suspicions of Mr. Durrani, Commandant Police Training College Sihala, turn out to be legitimate.  Mr. Durrani might have expected to be rewarded for keeping a vigil on the country’s vital interests.  To his surprise, instead of a citation, Mr. Durrani was reprimanded by the Federal Interior Ministry.

The US Embassy in Islamabad, under a new policy of aggressively countering what it alleges to be ‘anti-Americanism’,
responded to these accusations but conveniently kept silent on the alarming incident of the arrest of US diplomats in July as they tried to survey the area around Kahuta.

The evidence is piling up that the present ‘elected’ government in Islamabad is racing against time to plant enough Americans inside Pakistan to counter the Pakistani military and the country’s strong intelligence setup. [See the video
US Terror In Pakistan]

American interference in our nuclear program is not new, in fact they have been at it since the early 70’s and 80’s. This reminds of an article I read on The News, titled “How a jilted Karachi woman saved Pak N-program” and has some interesting revelations. After failing to sabotage the nuclear plans of Pakistan, the US is now after our nuclear arsenal. And now that Pakistan’s situation is deteriorating day by day, the US has good reason to say “Hey, since those nuclear assets are no longer safer, why don’t you hand them over to us ?” This is the time, voices must be raised, action should be taken, otherwise the last remaining source of pride and hope for Pakistan will also diminish and the country will cease to exist.

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