C.I.A Authorized to Expand Drone Strikes, Balochistan on the hit list

If this NYTimes article is to be believed, then it seems that American predator drones could soon be making their way to Balochistan.

The White House has authorized an expansion of the C.I.A.’s drone program in Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas, officials said this week, to parallel the president’s decision,announced Tuesday, to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. American officials are talking with Pakistan about the possibility of striking in Baluchistan for the first time — a controversial move since it is outside the tribal areas — because that is where Afghan Taliban leaders are believed to hide.

This is just unacceptable, the Americans are directly challenging Pakistan’s sovereignty. If the US has any evidence regarding the presence of any Taliban leader, they should provide it to Pakistan. The US has time and again mentioned about the presence of the ‘taliban shura’ in Quetta– without any evidence. Drone strikes cause more collateral damage, instead of striking the real targets, innocent civilians are killed. PM Gilani is right when he says that drone attacks are ‘counterproductive‘.

Would President Obama or the American people like ‘Pakistani drones’ bombing  US territory ? Definitely No. Pakistan has the capability to shoot down drones, and we should use this capability. No one wants to  escalate hostilites, but there should be no compromise on the integrity and the sovereignty of a country.

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Destination Pakistan

I recently visited the Gadani beach, located in Balochistan and is a one hour drive from Karachi. The landscape was an absolute joy to watch, the water hitting against the huge rocks, splashing waves and the wind combined to give one of the best experiences nature can. Gadani also has the honor of being the largest ship breaking yard in the world.

This was the first time I visited Balochistan… a lot of army trucks and APC’s could be seen, understandably, as their are a couple of groups including the famous Balochistan Liberation Army, which are since long demanding the independence of Balochistan, a province which has been neglected since the creation of Pakistan.

Pakistan is a beautiful country and having visited the northern areas including Swat “The heaven on Earth”, I can confirm that. Terrorism, bombs, violence and other issues aside, Pakistan remains a beautiful terrorist tourist destination. Enjoy the pictures below.




All the pictures were taken from my iPhone.

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