Summary of Pakistan in 2 and a half minutes

Pakistan is not all about bombs, terrorism, poverty and all. The video below shows us another aspect of Pakistan which perhaps hasn’t been seen by many.



CCTV footage of Karachi Ashura Blast

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The Karachi Ashura Blast and Our Reaction, Who’s Involved ?

Terror has made its way back to the city of Karachi. At least 32 people have been killed so far in a blast which occurred around 4:15 PM (Pakistan time) during a huge Shia procession leaving more than 50 injured. To add insult to injury, an angry mob, enraged by the terrorist activity, began their own terrorism and set to fire at least 500 shops in different parts of the city, and also reportedly burned at least 40 cars. Although the whole country had been the target of bombings through out Pakistan, Karachi somehow remained safe from the terrorist activities. However just as the year was coming to an end, terrorist once again proved that they can strike anywhere, anytime, at will. The blast came amid tight security arrangements.

The people, instead of going wild and expressing anger by burning down over 500 shops, should have remained calm. They are NOT doing us a favor by committing these horrendous acts. Whats more, they even torched several ambulances.  All this won’t get us anywhere.

KARACHI: Enraged people set several vehicles on fire in reaction to a power blast that ripped throughKarachi’s main Ashura procession, killing at least 20 people. According to media reports, angry mob have set ablaze Light House building situated at the MA Jinnah Road. While several vehicles, parked around the city court, have also been set on fire, sources said.

Rehman Malik somehow got to know that it was a suicide blast, even though the investigations have not begun. Yet again many people like Ahmed Quraishi (aka Zaid Hamid Junior) came up with their usual rhetoric that this was the work of ‘Indian agents’. Everyone knows how we spoon fed the Jihadi groups we created in the 80’s and the 90’s. After using them in Afghanistan, we sent them to Kashmir, but they have changed their direction and now their target is Islamabad. I believe some pro Jihadi Sunni group (with links to TTP)  is involved in it, trying to incite violence between Shia and Sunnis.

What do you think is involved in these attacks ? What do you suggest be done to stop this menace ? Do tell us about it in the comments box.

Update: Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed responsibility for the blast.

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Who Is Behind The Peshawar Blasts ?

No one has yet claimed any responsibility for the blasts that ripped through Peshawar’s Meena Bazar on Wednesday, in which nearly a hundred people mostly women and children lost their lives, while our leaders in Islamabad were too busy hosting  lunches and dinners for Hillary Clinton.  The usual suspects, the Taliban and al-qaeda, have vehemently denied their involvement in the dooms day of Peshawar.

According to a statement of al-Qaeda, they are not involved in the killing of innocent people. According to al-Qaeda sources, the elements, who want to defame Jehad and refugees, are behind the Peshawar bomb blast. The al-Qaeda sources say they would continue Jehad against America and its agents across the world.
The banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in an email sent to the media also condemned the Peshawar blast and denied its involvement in the Meena Bazaar explosion.

Now the question is if the taliban (or al qaeda) are not responsible for yesterdays killings, then who is ? Has a third force now joined the ongoing killing spree ?  The government must find out and bring the culprits to justice.

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Devastating Blast In Peshawar– Over 80 dead, 150+ injured

In what can easily be called as one of the worst bomb blasts to have ever struck Pakistan, over 80 people, mostly women and children, have been killed and hundreds injured.  A usual condemnation of the blast by the President and Prime Minister as Peshawar goes through one of its most horrible days ever. The blast was so powerful that six buildings at the site of the blast have collapsed.

To keep up to date with the current situation in Peshawar, you can follow @bilish, who is present in Peshawar. You can also go to PakVoices where the incident has been mapped or you can  follow ‘Peshawar‘ on twitter’s real time search, which has had made it to the trending topics of twitter- for all the wrong reasons. Schools in the province will remain closed, reopening is subject to the security situation in the province. In other news, US Secretary of State has also landed in Pakistan to hold talks with the leaders of this country.

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Schools could be the next terror targets

Schools across Pakistan could be facing the wrath of terrorism now, military schools in Karachi and Hyderabad have been closed down for a week and other schools have been told to take strict security measures as all the schools have been put on high alert. According to ‘AlJazeera’,  “A number of private and government schools were also considering a temporary closure on Sunday following the military schools’ announcement, Pakistani security officials said.”   I also got a notice from my school today, saying that the school is on high alert due to security concerns, and no one would be allowed to enter/leave school without proper identification.

While we are all aware of the security hazards, closing the schools down seems to be no solution. Prominent Pakistani blogger, Teeth Maestro, commenting on my status on facebook, quite rightly pointed out that “calling schools off in anticipation should be more with a direct plan, not an evasionary scare tactic.” Terrorists don’t have a specific time frame in which they will attack, they can create chaos anytime, anywhere. If closing down the schools for one week seems to be the solution, what about the next week ?

The Government must devise a proper strategy in this regard, dealing with these terrorists is not a joke. We have already seen how they forced schools to shut down in Swat, and in some cases even destroyed them.

Personally though, even after all these threats, I am not afraid of going to school. Awareness though should be created among the school going children of Pakistan, which I have come to observe are not aware of the dangerous world we live in.

Update: A bomb blast has just taken place in Islamic University, Islamabad, prompting the Sindh government to shut down schools and colleges across Sindh till Sunday.

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The News of the Bomb

I just came back from school only to hear that a bomb blast has taken place at a UN office in Islamabad. Fortunately enough I am miles away in the city of Karachi (all is well here). After quite a while, around 2-3 months has a bomb blast occurred in a major city of Pakistan.

This bombing is a reminder to us that even after the death of Baitullah Mehsud, the taliban are still capable of striking anywhere, anytime, and the claim of the government that Mehsud’s network has been dismantled has yet again proven wrong by these insane people who take pleasure by killing innocent citizens.

I don’t know whats going on in Islamabad right now, but, let me guess. The security should be on high alert now, a message by the President and Prime Minister condemning the blast, and a media briefing by our terrific Interior Minister telling the journalist that they had intelligence reports of suicide attacks and security threats. As you all know, Rehman Malik, always knows about how many bombers
have entered the city and when they will strike, it will be interesting to see what he has to say this time.

Mind you, The explosion comes at a time when the Pakistani Army is planning to launch a full-scale offensive in South Waziristan, the rugged tribal region in the country’s northwest which is a stronghold of the Taliban.

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