Zaid Hamid Admits Knowing Yousuf Ali (Kazzab), But denies his Prophethood

An interesting three part video has appeared on YouTube, in which Zaid Hamid clears up all that had been being rumored about his links with the supposed Prophet, Yousuf Ali.

I also happened to stumble upon this document below, which contradicts all claims made by Zaid Hamid in the above videos.

I’ll let you be the judge.


Zaid Hamid, A Hatemonger

Ghazala Minallah from Islamabad sent the following letter to a local English language daily, urging the government to take action against hatemongers like Zaid Hamid.

“There are a lot of tongues wagging these days about Zaid Hamid. With his western dress, red cap and a modern singer and dress-designer on stage to try and convey that he’s not an extremist, I am afraid every word he utters reeks of extremism. He is addressing the youth of this country, and considering what the nation is going through already, he is preaching hatred and violence. He talks of the Muslims of Pakistan being the ‘chosen’ race.

That the survival of Islam is in their hands, and that they must prepare to conquer Delhi and Israel. He preaches arrogance and contempt for all other religions and races. He ridicules democracy and there are blatant pro-army undertones. He distorts Muslim history and speaks of Gen Zia with reverence. He twists Iqbal’s poetry and the Quaid’s ideology to give credibility to his anti-state propaganda. He mentions the coming of a leader and whether this saviour comes through the use of force by the army or through a religious uprising, ‘we’ (they) would welcome ‘him’.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know who is pulling Zaid’s strings. If he is a true patriot and had an ounce of compassion for this country he would be preaching peace, tolerance, respect for the rule of law and the constitution. In fact, he preaches the total opposite. He reminds me of the FM broadcasts by Fazlullah in Swat who used religion to win over the illiterate masses. And what did the state do while this was going on? Nothing at all; and the rest is history. Let us not make this ridiculous mistake again. I urge every patriotic Pakistani, in particular the youth, to only use their commonsense. I request everyone to read the last speech our Holy Prophet (PBUH) made after the conquest of Mecca. And I urge everyone to study the ideology of Mr Jinnah.

As a concerned citizen I want to know why such anti-state elements are not tried for treason, and also why such rubbish is being promoted by the media. And before anyone mentions ‘freedom of expression’, let me clarify that even in countries with a good track of fundamental rights, such rhetoric would not be protected. Those who protect and patronise such elements need to be questioned as well.”

Very well put by Ghazala, also do check out my post on Zaid Hamid. I would welcome your comments on Zaid Hamid who has indeed been able to build a huge following, but what is his agenda ? My main beef with Mr. Zaid is that he talks against the state, apart from spreading hatred against other nations… and the government, media have given him a free hand.

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What Change Mr.Zaid ?

Zaid Hamid, a self proclaimed defense analyst and a famous anti-India TV personality of Pakistan. Out of nowhere this guy has taken the media and the people by storm. With his excellent oration skills, he entertains his audience by presenting all sorts of conspiracy theories, from labeling Hamid Mir a CIA agent to claiming that the neocons want to ‘de-islamize’ Pakistan, as if we already have not been de-islamized.

Blaming the CIA, RAW and Mossad for every wrong in the country, Zaid Hamid appears on talk shows on a daily basis, saying that the only way Pakistan can come out of the present situation is by ‘changing the system’. This ‘changing the system’ chant of Zaid Hamid has disturbed me since day one. What does he really want ? He talks about some Islamic system, based on the ideology of Iqbal, and I thought an Islamic system should be based on the ideology of Islam. Perhaps we might see the ‘Khilafat-e-Zaid”, where Zaid Hamid will be the absolute ruler of the country, waging nuclear wars against India, Israel and of course the USA.

The Pakistani people are heavily influenced by the media, Zaid Hamid is making full use of it, and a lot of people are actually believing these conspiracy theories. On several occasions Zaid Hamid has stated that “we” are going to bring a revolution that will change the system, once and for all. Mind you the Taliban have also repeatedly demanded their own Islamic system in the country.

The government seems to be least worried about these conspiracy theorists, perhaps not realizing how much popularity they have gained and the potential threat they impose to the state, Pakistan is not a playground where people can come to demand their own rules.

Zaid Hamid also has a very controversial history, for which I would recommend you to read “Who is Zaid Zaman Hamid? Brasstacks or Yousuf Kazzab Prophecy?“.

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