Hello Again!

This wasn’t planned, it just so happened that I opened up my email tonight (which I don’t in normal circumstances), I was expecting an email from my aunt, but instead I found an email from ‘Amna Khan’, (my aunt’s name is also Amna so I was confused there for a little while). Anyway, I don’t know this Amna, nor have I met her. But her email was so encouraging for me that I had just had to fire up my WordPress Dashboard and write a new post. I never imagined that a random person would email me and appreciate my blog, so this is a first for me. Here’s what she wrote:


I just came across your site and it is really wonderful. I am curious to know, why have you stopped writing? Are you writing on some other site?”

I’m sure many more of you have the same question. It would be safe to assume that I was and still am lazy, but considering that I was also approaching my first year of my Ordinary levels, so I had to shift my focus towards studies. Now I am in my second and final year of O levels, and the stakes are even higher.
However having said that, I have decided to break the long hiatus on LIP, and will be doing at least two posts per week. I will continue to give my opinions on the rapidly changing Pakistani political atmosphere and its repercussions on the international community.

So, Welcome Back. Let the blogging begin!