Musharraf admits NRO was a mistake

Former President Pervez Musharraf, responding to questions on his facebook page admitted that promulgation of the NRO was a blunder on his part. “The one clarification that I will make is that I committed this mistake on the strong advice of the political leadership at that time who are now blatantly disowning connections with it. My interest was only national with absolutely no personal bias or agenda” he said.

He also accepted that it was through the NRO that Zardari or other corrupt politicians were allowed to contest elections, “NRO may have allowed Asif Zardari or corrupt politicians to contest elections but it certainly was not the cause of their coming to power. NRO is not responsible for electing the PPP as the majority party or allowing Asif Zardari to win an election.”

I wonder why our leaders realize their mistakes only after retiring from office… Oh Well!

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Aftermath of the SC verdict

A look at the events that have taken place so far after a 17 member bench of the Supreme Court unanimously declared the NRO null and void.

Defence Minister Barred from Travelling to China

ISLAMABAD: Federal Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar, whose name was placed on the Exit Control List after the Supreme Court’s verdict on the National Reconciliation Ordinance, was stopped from leaving for China at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad on Thursday. The minister, along with his delegation, was scheduled to leave the country on PIA flight PK-852 for China on an official visit, when he was stopped by Federal Investigation Agency staff before boarding the plane. staff report

Gilani suspends officials for barring minister to travel

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has suspended four government officials for barring Defense Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar from going on an official visit abroad. Meanwhile, Chairman of the National Accountability Bureau, Naveed Ahsan, apologized to Mukhtar for stopping him from going to China for an official visit on Thursday.

NAB court issues arrest warrants for Rehman Malik

ISLAMABAD: A NAB court has issued arrest warrants against Interior Minister Rehman Malik in connection with two previous references against him.

No one can arrest Rehman Malik: Gilani

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that no one can arrest Interior Minister Rehman Malik as he gets suspects arrested himself. He said that no minister will be arrested in Punjab.

Govt Will Not Revive Swiss Cases

“The Swiss cases were withdrawn after spending millions of rupees (on them) and the Swiss authorities have also stated that how can they proceed in cases which the Government of Pakistan cannot proceed in its own country,” Prime Minister Gilani said on Thursday.

Khosa not yet restored as DG FIA

A three-member SC bench had ordered the immediate reinstatement of Khosa as FIA DG, ordering cancellation of a notification issued by Interior Minister Rehman Malik in the Pakistan Steel Mills case. Sources in the Interior Ministry told Daily Times that the ministry was yet to issue a notification for the reinstatement of Khosa as the FIA director general. Likewise, to assert his constitutional position as the chief executive of the country, Primer Minister Gilani is said to have bluntly refused to reappoint Tariq Khosa as DG FIA on the grounds that only he (PM) had the powers to appoint or remove any government servant.

Supreme Court Issues Contempt Notice to Rehman Malik

Supreme Court of Pakistan issued Thursday a contempt of court notice to Minister for Interior Rehman Malik on transferring DG FIA against court’s will and asked him to file his response by December 24.

Non-bailable warrant issued for Law Minister Awan

A Rawalpindi local court issued non-bailable warrant for the arrest of Federal Law Minister in twin cases of row, Geo News reported Saturday.

The Civil judge issued the arrest warrant for the federal minister for not appearing before the court in the case filed under Clause-398, 365 and 279.

Babar Awan gets pre-arrest bail in criminal case

Civil judge Mehr Sarfraz Hussain on Saturday granted pre-arrest bail in a criminal case to Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dr Babar Awan.

The Prime minister stands shoulder to shoulder with his troubled President, it seems he is ready to take on SC, if he must.

Update 1:

Second Court summons Rehman Malik to appear on Jan 2

A second court on Monday summoned Interior Minister Rehman Malik over revived corruption charges after the Supreme Court scrapped a controversial amnesty, his lawyer said. “The accountability court has summoned my client to appear on January 2. Mr. Malik will appear in court. We are not afraid of appearing in the courts,” the minister’s defence lawyer Amjad Iqbal told reporters in Rawalpindi.

Update 2: The Lahore High Court has suspended all sentences against Rehman Malik.

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NRO: The Complete Judgement [Official]

Constitution Petitions have been filed under Article 184(3) of the
Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan [hereinafter referred to as ‘the
Constitution’] challenging the constitutionality of the National
Reconciliation Ordinance (No.LX) 2007 [hereinafter referred to as ‘the
NRO’], while HR cases and Civil Appeal, by leave of the Court, have been
filed by the applicants/appellant for extension of benefit of the NRO to
Click here to continue reading the official verdict of the apex court.

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Government To Revive Zardari’s Swiss cases, PM pledges enforcement of SC verdict

Following the apex court’s judgment, the Government of Pakistan would be writing to the foreign courts including Swiss to revive the corruption cases against the president of Pakistan. In the Swiss courts most of the cases, closed following NRO promulgation as a consequence of the request of the Government of Pakistan, were pertaining to the alleged corruption of President Asif Ali Zardari. It would be a unique precedent where a government would be writing to another government for the initiation of corruption cases against its own president. President Asif Ali Zardari’s constitutional immunity from criminal prosecution available in the Constitution of Pakistan will not apply in Switzerland where he will be governed by the Swiss law, and the international law for being a foreign head of state after the revival of the closed cases of massive corruption

PM pledges enforcement in letter and spirit

The prime minister had consultations with some eminent constitutional experts about the interpretation of the judgment. Some ‘jurists’ have advised the prime minister to wait till the time the apex court gives a full verdict in the cases, but Prime Minister Gilani has made up his mind to take action in accordance with the spirit of the judgment within 24 hours of its pronouncement.

Lets see what happens, the SC verdict has indeed changed the whole game.

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Supreme Court Declares NRO Null and Void

Supreme Court has just announced what could be called one of the most important verdicts in the judicial and political history of Pakistan. The black law, NRO, has been struck down and done with, once and for all. All the cases including cases against Zardari will now reopen.

Click here to read a short summary the NRO judgement.

According to the judgment, the NRO is contrary to the equality guaranteed by the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. Similarly, all the cases, disposed off because of the controversial ordinance, now stand revived as of Oct 5, 2007 position, said the judgment.

In addition, the court has ordered the government that it should immediately reopen the Swiss cases concerning President Asif Ali Zardari.

“The provisions of the NRO seem to be against national interests thus it violates the several provisions of the constitution,” the ruling said.

I offer my heartiest congratulations to Pakistanis’ around the world as we have taken the first step to deal with the ever increasing corruption. This verdict will result in the re-opening of about 8000 cases… I wonder how the judiciary plans to handle these cases, in such a huge quantity.

The verdict was suppose to be out by 4:30, but it was delayed by more than 5 hours during which rumors emerged that a military coup might be in store. Fortunately though, the day went through without any mishaps although there were reports of firing in Karachi.

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Geo Exposes shifting of Zadari’s swiss case evidence

Courtesy: The News

Pakistani High Commissioner in Britain Wajid Shamsul Hasan headed a secret operation in Geneva and received at least 12 cartons comprising the original documents and evidences against some Pakistani high-ups in Swiss money laundering case, Geo News reported Tuesday.

The sources said the secret operation was carried out at the bidding of a top personality of Pakistan, as these evidences could be used if Swiss Money Laundering case is reopened after the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) terms comes to an end. The sources at Pakistan embassy said if the concerned officials or the courts do not interfere by taking the evidences back from Wajid, then these documents would be wasted for good.

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Zardari’s Corruption Saga Continues

Mr. 10 percent faces yet another charge of corruption, this time from a french newspaper. The journalist of the report said that he has written evidence of receiving commission of around $4m during the purchase of three Agosta submarines in 1994.

Daily Times Monitor

LAHORE: French newspaper, Liberation, has accused President Asif Zardari of receiving kickbacks during the purchase of three Agosta submarines in 1994, a private TV channel quoted a French journalist as saying on Thursday.

Talking to the channel, Liberation correspondent Guillaume Dasquie said he was absolutely certain, as he had written evidences of the contract. He said the newspaper had received documents from London and Switzerland and it was clear that Zardari received a “lot of money” from the submarine deal. The newspaper also reported that investigators believe that the non-payment of the full amount of the agreed kickbacks may have led to the deaths of 11 French nationals in a 2002 terror attack in the city of Karachi.

Investigative journalist Ansar Abbasi also recently unveiled how Zardari and his son Bilawal, bought 307 acres of land in Islamabad, at a throwaway price.

A private company owned by President Asif Ali Zardari and his son Bilawal Zardari purchased 2,460 Kanals (307 acres) of prime land in Islamabad in March 2009, valued at a CDA price of over Rs 2 billion, for a mere Rs 62 million, proving after a long wait that a 1997 NAB reference against Zardari for the same deal was justified, but had to be dropped then for lack of some missing links.

The latest officially CDA-assessed price of similar land, adjacent to the land in question, is Rs 850,000 per Kanal. If the Park Lane land is assessed on the basis of the rate fixed by the CDA, its market valuewould be around Rs 2 billion for the entire lot. A big chunk of land, adjacent to the presidentís land, is being acquired by the CDA at this rate although Zardari and his company got it for only Rs 25,000 per Kanal, a magic deal by all standards.

Zardari’s association with corruption is nothing new, it is a known fact that he has has accumulated most of his wealth by unfair means. The president already faces many corruption cases in Pakistani courts, which will automatically reopen by the end of November– as the NRO ordinance expires.

To sum it all up, of all the corrupt politicians of Pakistan, Zardari can easily be called the undisputed champion of corruption, the most corrupt figure to have emerged in the history of Pakistan. Enough Said.

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