C.I.A Authorized to Expand Drone Strikes, Balochistan on the hit list

If this NYTimes article is to be believed, then it seems that American predator drones could soon be making their way to Balochistan.

The White House has authorized an expansion of the C.I.A.’s drone program in Pakistan’s lawless tribal areas, officials said this week, to parallel the president’s decision,announced Tuesday, to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan. American officials are talking with Pakistan about the possibility of striking in Baluchistan for the first time — a controversial move since it is outside the tribal areas — because that is where Afghan Taliban leaders are believed to hide.

This is just unacceptable, the Americans are directly challenging Pakistan’s sovereignty. If the US has any evidence regarding the presence of any Taliban leader, they should provide it to Pakistan. The US has time and again mentioned about the presence of the ‘taliban shura’ in Quetta– without any evidence. Drone strikes cause more collateral damage, instead of striking the real targets, innocent civilians are killed. PM Gilani is right when he says that drone attacks are ‘counterproductive‘.

Would President Obama or the American people like ‘Pakistani drones’ bombing  US territory ? Definitely No. Pakistan has the capability to shoot down drones, and we should use this capability. No one wants to  escalate hostilites, but there should be no compromise on the integrity and the sovereignty of a country.

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Economist Predicts Second Crises Wave Will Shatter U.S. in 2010

Okay, this doesn’t have anything to do with Pakistan, but I feel its just too good to miss.
A Russian economist Igor Panarin believes that the United States will be divided into six parts as early as the summer of next year.
Texas already has the right to secede from the union anytime they want to, so if we are to see the US dividing into smaller countries, Texas should lead the way.

History shows that all great empires come to an end, the USSR, the British empire, the mughal empire, Nazi Germany were amongst many other empires that were one the superpowers of the world. Is it now the turn of the US ? Only time will tell.

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Where’s Your Dignity Mr.President ?

While surfing around, I happened to stumble on this picture of Obama and Zardari holding a press conference. My immediate response, “What’s up with Zardari..”. Standing besides President Obama with his hands closed, looking up to him as if he is Obama’s most loyal servant.

For God’s sake, you are (by mistake) the President of a nuclear armed state and commander-in-chief of the 6th largest military of the world.

[Update] Here’s another picture of the respected President, and I just love its caption!

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And Obama Wins A Nobel ‘Peace’ Prize For… ?

The President of the United States has been awarded this year’s Nobel peace prize. The Nobel Committee said he won it for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and co-operation between peoples”. He is trying to bridge relations between the Muslims and the West, calls for global peace and prosperity etc, but, lets take a look at the other side.

The United States is currently involved in not one, but two wars, due to which million of innocent lives have been destroyed, and now a third war against Iran is threatening to take place.

But what has Obama done that he has received this prestigious award ? Well the answer to that is ‘nothing’. He promised to start pulling troops out of Iraq, within months of assuming office, that hasn’t happened yet. In fact the Obama administration is constantly delaying the withdrawal of US marines from Iraq. He has taken no action to stop the ever growing Israeli settlements in Palestine, drone attacks in Pakistan continue which is affecting Pak-U.S. relations and thus a trust deficit between the two.
The war Afghanistan seems to have no end, eight years after the invasion, the taliban still control 80% of the war-torn country and Obama is planning to send an additional 23,000 troops to Afghanistan. The Guantanamo Bay continues to operate and abuse the prisoners present there, both mentally and physically, most of them are being held on charges that have never been proved.

Obama hasn’t even completed a year in office and the Nobel Committee has handed him the ‘peace’ award. I have no idea what made this committee to give this award to a man who practically hasn’t done anything (yet) for global peace. Even Gandhi couldn’t get the Nobel Prize, but Obama did. Amazing indeed.

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