Congratulations Mr. President, Commiserations Mr. Prime Minister

After the passage of the 18th Amendment by the parliament and its subsequent induction into law, the 18th Amendment is now officially a part of the Constitution of Pakistan. A big achievement indeed, the political parties, Prime Minister and especially the President–who agreed to strip his powers, deserve praise.

However while on one hand the 18th Amendment does away with the notorious 58(2)b, which gave the power to the President to dissolve all sitting assemblies at will, on the other hand, it has also given the power to the heads of the political parties to sack any member of the National or Provincial assemblies belonging to his party. Just in case you forgot, our President is currently the effective chairman of the PPP, which means he can sack the PM at any time, in a matter of minutes.

In other words, the final word will be the Presidents, and it will be on his orders that the government will act.

Apart from this, the requirement for political parties to hold intra party elections has also been finished. Another controversial clause in the amendment is the procedure for the appointment of the judges. Apparently many top jurists and eminent lawyers are not happy with it, and see the issue going to the Supreme Court, which they say the SC can strike down on the basis that it is against the basic structures of the constitution.

The 18th Amendment is big step but our lawmakers should begin the groundwork for the 19th Amendment to amend the flaws in the 18th Amendment.


Shaukat Tarin resigns from the federal cabinet

Reports of his resignation had already been circling around the media during the past couple of months but now it has been officially confirmed: Shaukat Tareen has tendered his resignation to the Prime Minister.

Talking with Geo News, Shaukat Tareen told that he has resigned and sent his resignation to the prime minister.
He said that he always worked on principles and has resigned for the principles. Now, he wants to focus on his business.

Shaukat Tarin had been taking steps to curb corruption in various departments and impose taxes on the rich and powerful, however I believe that these elements didn’t let the minister perform his duty and thus the resignation. I have no idea what the government is up to. Of course, when a thief is heading the government, this is what you can expect.

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Imran Khan humiliates Zardari and his crony–Hillarious

Imran Khan takes Faisal Abidi of PPP heads on, asking him where Zardari ‘earned’ his $60 million dollars from. Instead of replying to the question put forward by Khan, Faisal Raza Abidi avoids the question and at the end of the video, presents a ‘shaer’ (poetry) on the $60 Million and Zardari– Hillarious Stuff.

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We were planning to break Pakistan when Benazir died: Zulfikar Mirza

A quite disappointing and regrettable statement was issued by Sindh’s provincial minister and PPP stalwart Zulfikar Mirza, who also happens to be the husband of the Speaker National Assembly Pakistan Fehmiza Mirza, on the eve of the second death anniversary of Benazir Bhutto.

Provincial Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has said that when Benazir Bhutto was assassinated a plan was made to break Pakistan. Addressing a seminar in Rato Dero on Saturday, he said, “We all had gathered at Benazir Bhutto’s Naudero House and were about to take to the streets when Asif Ali Zardari raised the slogan of ‘Pakistan Khappay’ and blocked our way”. Zulfiqar Mirza said Benazir was the hope of the masses, who expected that she would come and all their eleven years’ grievances would be put to rest, but the tyrants murdered the hope of the masses.

ZA Bhutto never talked about breaking Pakistan even after all the injustice done to him, nor did we ever hear anything similar from Benazir. I am surprised to see such a statement from the PPP, which is considered as a party of federation, not any province.

I think Zulfikar Mirza is somehow trying to defend Asif Ali Zardari, who has been under immense pressure to resign after the historic NRO verdict, by issuing such erratic statements, I believe people like Mr. Mirza don’t deserve to be a provincial minister, or even a member of PPP. After (proudly) admitting to be part of such plans, he should be tried for high treason.

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PPP Minister: Hey Corruption Is Our Right too!

Kudos to the minister for at least speaking the truth!

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Conspiracy or No Conspiracy ?

“There is no conspiracy against the govenment” said the PM Gilani in response to a question during an intense media briefing. However it was only moments later that President Zardari issued a statement from Karachi saying that a conspiracy is being hatched against the democratic government.

It seems that the Prime minister has his own script writer, while Zadari has his own, thus the statement from the Prime Minister is different from the Presidency. Bare in mind that these two personalities meet each other at least four times a week and both have repetitively claimed that there are no differences among them.

Would someone please come forward and inform us of the official stance of the Government of Pakistan regarding these conspiracies and weather they exist or not ?

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Musharraf admits NRO was a mistake

Former President Pervez Musharraf, responding to questions on his facebook page admitted that promulgation of the NRO was a blunder on his part. “The one clarification that I will make is that I committed this mistake on the strong advice of the political leadership at that time who are now blatantly disowning connections with it. My interest was only national with absolutely no personal bias or agenda” he said.

He also accepted that it was through the NRO that Zardari or other corrupt politicians were allowed to contest elections, “NRO may have allowed Asif Zardari or corrupt politicians to contest elections but it certainly was not the cause of their coming to power. NRO is not responsible for electing the PPP as the majority party or allowing Asif Zardari to win an election.”

I wonder why our leaders realize their mistakes only after retiring from office… Oh Well!

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