US Defense Secretary Admits Blackwater Present in Pakistan

The U.S. has finally admitted that the highly controversial private security company ‘Blackwater’ is indeed present in Pakistan. The U.S. Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, in an interview to a local news channel confirmed that Blackwater is operating in Pakistan.

Hats off to Robert Gates for exposing Rehman Malik, who repetitively stated that no such company by the name of Blackwater/Xe is operating in Pakistan and further went on to say that he will resign if anyone proves their presence.

Now that the Defense Secretary himself has confirmed their presence, will Rehman Malik resign ? Quite frankly, like his colleague, Minister for Water & Power, Raja Pervez Ashraf never resigned, I don’t think he will resign either, unless he is kicked out of the job.

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Aftermath of the SC verdict

A look at the events that have taken place so far after a 17 member bench of the Supreme Court unanimously declared the NRO null and void.

Defence Minister Barred from Travelling to China

ISLAMABAD: Federal Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar, whose name was placed on the Exit Control List after the Supreme Court’s verdict on the National Reconciliation Ordinance, was stopped from leaving for China at the Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad on Thursday. The minister, along with his delegation, was scheduled to leave the country on PIA flight PK-852 for China on an official visit, when he was stopped by Federal Investigation Agency staff before boarding the plane. staff report

Gilani suspends officials for barring minister to travel

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has suspended four government officials for barring Defense Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar from going on an official visit abroad. Meanwhile, Chairman of the National Accountability Bureau, Naveed Ahsan, apologized to Mukhtar for stopping him from going to China for an official visit on Thursday.

NAB court issues arrest warrants for Rehman Malik

ISLAMABAD: A NAB court has issued arrest warrants against Interior Minister Rehman Malik in connection with two previous references against him.

No one can arrest Rehman Malik: Gilani

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that no one can arrest Interior Minister Rehman Malik as he gets suspects arrested himself. He said that no minister will be arrested in Punjab.

Govt Will Not Revive Swiss Cases

“The Swiss cases were withdrawn after spending millions of rupees (on them) and the Swiss authorities have also stated that how can they proceed in cases which the Government of Pakistan cannot proceed in its own country,” Prime Minister Gilani said on Thursday.

Khosa not yet restored as DG FIA

A three-member SC bench had ordered the immediate reinstatement of Khosa as FIA DG, ordering cancellation of a notification issued by Interior Minister Rehman Malik in the Pakistan Steel Mills case. Sources in the Interior Ministry told Daily Times that the ministry was yet to issue a notification for the reinstatement of Khosa as the FIA director general. Likewise, to assert his constitutional position as the chief executive of the country, Primer Minister Gilani is said to have bluntly refused to reappoint Tariq Khosa as DG FIA on the grounds that only he (PM) had the powers to appoint or remove any government servant.

Supreme Court Issues Contempt Notice to Rehman Malik

Supreme Court of Pakistan issued Thursday a contempt of court notice to Minister for Interior Rehman Malik on transferring DG FIA against court’s will and asked him to file his response by December 24.

Non-bailable warrant issued for Law Minister Awan

A Rawalpindi local court issued non-bailable warrant for the arrest of Federal Law Minister in twin cases of row, Geo News reported Saturday.

The Civil judge issued the arrest warrant for the federal minister for not appearing before the court in the case filed under Clause-398, 365 and 279.

Babar Awan gets pre-arrest bail in criminal case

Civil judge Mehr Sarfraz Hussain on Saturday granted pre-arrest bail in a criminal case to Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Dr Babar Awan.

The Prime minister stands shoulder to shoulder with his troubled President, it seems he is ready to take on SC, if he must.

Update 1:

Second Court summons Rehman Malik to appear on Jan 2

A second court on Monday summoned Interior Minister Rehman Malik over revived corruption charges after the Supreme Court scrapped a controversial amnesty, his lawyer said. “The accountability court has summoned my client to appear on January 2. Mr. Malik will appear in court. We are not afraid of appearing in the courts,” the minister’s defence lawyer Amjad Iqbal told reporters in Rawalpindi.

Update 2: The Lahore High Court has suspended all sentences against Rehman Malik.

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Supreme Court Declares NRO Null and Void

Supreme Court has just announced what could be called one of the most important verdicts in the judicial and political history of Pakistan. The black law, NRO, has been struck down and done with, once and for all. All the cases including cases against Zardari will now reopen.

Click here to read a short summary the NRO judgement.

According to the judgment, the NRO is contrary to the equality guaranteed by the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan. Similarly, all the cases, disposed off because of the controversial ordinance, now stand revived as of Oct 5, 2007 position, said the judgment.

In addition, the court has ordered the government that it should immediately reopen the Swiss cases concerning President Asif Ali Zardari.

“The provisions of the NRO seem to be against national interests thus it violates the several provisions of the constitution,” the ruling said.

I offer my heartiest congratulations to Pakistanis’ around the world as we have taken the first step to deal with the ever increasing corruption. This verdict will result in the re-opening of about 8000 cases… I wonder how the judiciary plans to handle these cases, in such a huge quantity.

The verdict was suppose to be out by 4:30, but it was delayed by more than 5 hours during which rumors emerged that a military coup might be in store. Fortunately though, the day went through without any mishaps although there were reports of firing in Karachi.

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US Trying to Take Control of Pak nuclear arsenal, Government Silent


Pakistani authorities have enough evidence that implicates US diplomats and trainers in spying on Kahuta, one of the prime nuclear facilities in the country.

What is stunning for most Pakistanis is that elements in the elected government, and especially the Interior Ministry, appear to be facilitating the Americans despite protests from police and intelligence officials.

The issue brings into question, once again, the role of Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik.  A trail of
internal ministry documents sharply bring Mr. Malik’s role into focus, especially in a case where his ministry appears to have permitted US defense contractors to conduct suspicious activities on Pakistani soil without informing Pakistani intelligence agencies.  Those activities have included allowing at least one US defense contractor to conduct a large scale recruitment of retired Pakistani military officers.

In 2003, the government of former president Pervez Musharraf allowed the Americans to establish a police training facility within the police college at Sihala, a few kilometers away from the Khan Research Laboratories, one of Pakistan’s premier nuclear research centers.

The Commandant Police Training College Sihala, Mr. Nasir Khan Durrani, wrote a letter on Aug. 15 to senior Pakistani police officers drawing their attention to the suspicious activities of American ‘trainers’ at Sihala.  Mr. Durrani is widely respected within the officer corps of Pakistan’s police service.  Some of his ideas, like Rescue 15, were implemented nationwide.

Durrani’s letter was not without basis.  In his report, titled,
Agency wants survey of site to assess equipment, Mr. Ansar Abbasi, editor investigations at The News International, revealed that there was some evidence that radiation measurement equipment has been installed by the Americans at the training facility.  He reported that US diplomats have been caught making frequent visits to the facility, attempting at one point to get into the high security perimeter around Kahuta. Amazingly, someone from FIA, the interior minister’s former employer and a lead civilian spy agency, helped release the arrested American diplomats.

The suspicions of Mr. Durrani, Commandant Police Training College Sihala, turn out to be legitimate.  Mr. Durrani might have expected to be rewarded for keeping a vigil on the country’s vital interests.  To his surprise, instead of a citation, Mr. Durrani was reprimanded by the Federal Interior Ministry.

The US Embassy in Islamabad, under a new policy of aggressively countering what it alleges to be ‘anti-Americanism’,
responded to these accusations but conveniently kept silent on the alarming incident of the arrest of US diplomats in July as they tried to survey the area around Kahuta.

The evidence is piling up that the present ‘elected’ government in Islamabad is racing against time to plant enough Americans inside Pakistan to counter the Pakistani military and the country’s strong intelligence setup. [See the video
US Terror In Pakistan]

American interference in our nuclear program is not new, in fact they have been at it since the early 70’s and 80’s. This reminds of an article I read on The News, titled “How a jilted Karachi woman saved Pak N-program” and has some interesting revelations. After failing to sabotage the nuclear plans of Pakistan, the US is now after our nuclear arsenal. And now that Pakistan’s situation is deteriorating day by day, the US has good reason to say “Hey, since those nuclear assets are no longer safer, why don’t you hand them over to us ?” This is the time, voices must be raised, action should be taken, otherwise the last remaining source of pride and hope for Pakistan will also diminish and the country will cease to exist.

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India Responsible for Terrorism in Pakistan: Rehman Malik

The interior minister, Rehman Malik, has suddenly realized that India is behind the ongoing spell of terror attacks in the country. ‘We have solid evidence that not only in Balochistan but India is involved in almost every terrorist activity in Pakistan,’ the minister said after attending a meeting on security of educational institutions. ‘I have time and again said there was Indian involvement in Balochistan and we have evidence, which could be shared with India, if they agree to come and sit with us,’ he claimed.

I wonder why it took the minister so much time to realize that India is behind these attacks, maybe he was waiting for clearance from Washington before going on with this statement. Anyway, there is no denying that India’s premier intelligence agency, RAW, which is working hard to destabilize Balochistan (and succeeding), may as well be supporting and funding terrorist activities through out Pakistan.

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Students of Islamic University Throw Stones At Rehman Malik [Video]

Our interior minister didn’t receive a very warm welcome during his 5 minute visit to the Islamic University, Islamabad, which was recently the target of terrorism. People shouted slogans of ‘shame shame’ and threw stones as Rehman Malik arrived with a protocol of around 12 cars, escorted by commandos.

How can one expect anything from the security agencies, who are just too busy protecting corrupt politicians, sitting in high positions. Around 900 security officials are working round the clock just to protect our honorable President Zardari, and more than 500 elite commandos of the police are protecting Nawaz Sharif. With all the security focused on protecting the small ruling elite of Pakistan, what hope do the citizens have from the security agencies of this war torn country ?

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The News of the Bomb

I just came back from school only to hear that a bomb blast has taken place at a UN office in Islamabad. Fortunately enough I am miles away in the city of Karachi (all is well here). After quite a while, around 2-3 months has a bomb blast occurred in a major city of Pakistan.

This bombing is a reminder to us that even after the death of Baitullah Mehsud, the taliban are still capable of striking anywhere, anytime, and the claim of the government that Mehsud’s network has been dismantled has yet again proven wrong by these insane people who take pleasure by killing innocent citizens.

I don’t know whats going on in Islamabad right now, but, let me guess. The security should be on high alert now, a message by the President and Prime Minister condemning the blast, and a media briefing by our terrific Interior Minister telling the journalist that they had intelligence reports of suicide attacks and security threats. As you all know, Rehman Malik, always knows about how many bombers
have entered the city and when they will strike, it will be interesting to see what he has to say this time.

Mind you, The explosion comes at a time when the Pakistani Army is planning to launch a full-scale offensive in South Waziristan, the rugged tribal region in the country’s northwest which is a stronghold of the Taliban.

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