About Me

Muhammad Abdullah Khan. My friends prefer to call me MAK. Born and raised up in Lahore, but moved to Karachi at the age of 10. My ramblings are usually about Pakistani politics.
I can be reached at my email: lxz3111@hotmail.com
Twitter: @MAK009X


8 Responses to About Me

  1. xurri says:

    bhai mera naam tou dall bharam aiighnaa…mera naam dalooo

  2. AKay says:

    You blog gets better every time I see it .. keep it up .. 😀

  3. ali says:

    Salaam Alaikum
    How many times will Pakistani public be fooled by (hypocrites) (Munafek) Leaders in Pakistan?
    Wakeup Time for Pakistani people
    Wakeup Time for Muslim Umm
    Media can help them to do so

    Allah Hafiz

  4. aun says:

    great blog dude…keep up the exelent work…!!

  5. Sabina says:

    Hay i want to speak some one in karach, i am in germany.

  6. khizer says:

    Hey good blog !! keep up the good work !!

  7. aun says:

    sabina aun here…you can tawk to always…m in karachi….feel free to talk to me.
    just tell me ur msn id…

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