Okay A Bomb Exploded In Karachi, But Did We Forget Lakki Marwat ?

Yes, we all witnessed the unfortunate tragedy of Karachi, where apart from claiming a dozen of lives, also caused a violent reaction due to which we had to bear a loss of 40 billion Rupees. However, are we so insensitive that these 40 billion rupees overshadow the fact that nearly a hundred people were killed in a blast in Lakki Marwat ? And that too were children, playing a game of volleyball.

Is Lakki Marwat not as much as a part of Pakistan as Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad ? Or do we just care about high class Pakistani’s living in Karachi ? Neither did the media pay much attention to it, nor did the people care about it… as if it happened somewhere in Africa. Did we forget that Pakistani’s died, nearly a hundred of them and hundred is no small number.

How are we suppose to have peace when we are so insensitive, confined to our own world ?

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More suicide attacks coming up next week: TTP

Terrorism in the country has come to such an extent that the terrorists are openly warning of more attacks and even disclosing their next targets… tells us about the confidence these people have.

PESHAWAR: Claiming responsibility for the suicide bombing on the main Ashura procession in Karachi, senior Taliban commander Asmatullah Shaheen on Wednesday warned of a fresh wave of attacks across the country in a week.
He claimed the suicide bomber, Hasnain Muawia, reached Karachi a day before the suicide attack and was especially trained to target the Ashura procession. Asked why the TTP decided to target the Ashura procession in a distant place like Karachi, Asmatullah Shaheen said the decision was taken by the Taliban Shura for the protection of the honour of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

The Taliban commander threatened that a new wave of suicide bombings would be unleashed across the country in the next week. He said the government installations and security forces would be specifically targeted

Which brings me to the question, have all these military operations against the militants been of any help to us ? I have nothing against the army, I salute the army personnel who have given their lives, fighting in such a harsh terrain while the government tries to take all the credit. But just take a look around you, have these military operations increased or decreased the number of terror incidents in the country ?

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CCTV footage of Karachi Ashura Blast

Also check out: The Karachi Ashura Blast and Our Reaction, Who’s Involved ?

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The Karachi Ashura Blast and Our Reaction, Who’s Involved ?

Terror has made its way back to the city of Karachi. At least 32 people have been killed so far in a blast which occurred around 4:15 PM (Pakistan time) during a huge Shia procession leaving more than 50 injured. To add insult to injury, an angry mob, enraged by the terrorist activity, began their own terrorism and set to fire at least 500 shops in different parts of the city, and also reportedly burned at least 40 cars. Although the whole country had been the target of bombings through out Pakistan, Karachi somehow remained safe from the terrorist activities. However just as the year was coming to an end, terrorist once again proved that they can strike anywhere, anytime, at will. The blast came amid tight security arrangements.

The people, instead of going wild and expressing anger by burning down over 500 shops, should have remained calm. They are NOT doing us a favor by committing these horrendous acts. Whats more, they even torched several ambulances.  All this won’t get us anywhere.

KARACHI: Enraged people set several vehicles on fire in reaction to a power blast that ripped throughKarachi’s main Ashura procession, killing at least 20 people. According to media reports, angry mob have set ablaze Light House building situated at the MA Jinnah Road. While several vehicles, parked around the city court, have also been set on fire, sources said.

Rehman Malik somehow got to know that it was a suicide blast, even though the investigations have not begun. Yet again many people like Ahmed Quraishi (aka Zaid Hamid Junior) came up with their usual rhetoric that this was the work of ‘Indian agents’. Everyone knows how we spoon fed the Jihadi groups we created in the 80’s and the 90’s. After using them in Afghanistan, we sent them to Kashmir, but they have changed their direction and now their target is Islamabad. I believe some pro Jihadi Sunni group (with links to TTP)  is involved in it, trying to incite violence between Shia and Sunnis.

What do you think is involved in these attacks ? What do you suggest be done to stop this menace ? Do tell us about it in the comments box.

Update: Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has claimed responsibility for the blast.

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A Message of Peace From Pakistan at TEDIndia

A fantastic message of peace from Pakistan by Asher Hasan, CEO of Naya Jeevan, in under 5 minutes, you will be moved. “Indians and Pakistani’s are two threads cut from the same cloth”, well said Mr. Hasan.

Hat tip: Teeth Maestro

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Pakistani Musicians Speak Out Against the US– Not The Taliban

Pakistani pop musicians are propelling anti-American conspiracy theories. The lyrics reflect widespread views among their young educated fans who say the Taliban is not Pakistan’s problem.

Anti-american mindset has always existed in our society, but I think its about time that we as a nation stop blaming the US or even the taliban for our problems, as we only have ourselves to blame. Its about time Pakistan takes control over its destiny.

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Clinton: “I didn’t come only for happy talk”

Looks like Hillary Clinton was already expecting tough questions on her recent visit to Pakistan. She not only met the top leaders, but also interacted with the ordinary citizens of Pakistan which is a welcome sign.
She was on a 3 day visit to Pakistan, which is ‘a long trip for a secretary of state’.  Though her first day was overshadowed by the mighty Peshawar blasts, the rest of the two days turned out to be pretty interesting for Clinton.

The secretary attacked Pakistan and said that we were not clamping down hard on al-qaeda, which according to her are present in the tribal areas of Pakistan, where a military operation is currently underway. She acknowledged that US had made mistakes in the past but also said that ‘I wanted to demonstrate that, look, we are not coming here claiming that everything we’ve done is perfect’.

As she continued giving us lectures on terrorism, a journalist Asma Sherazi, correctly pointed out to her that  “We are fighting a war that is imposed on us. It’s not our war. It is your war, You had one 9-11. We are having daily 9-11s in Pakistan.” The majority of Pakistan doesn’t hold al-qaeda, or Osama bin laden responsible for any terror attack that has struck this country, as responsibility for most of the attacks is claimed by the Pakistani Taliban (TTP).

Although Ms. Clinton answered every furious question of the Pakistani’s, one question to which she couldn’t answer was about the controversial US drone attacks in Pakistan, justifying the drone attacks by saying “There is a war going on”.

Asked whether she had underestimated the level of anti-American sentiment in Pakistan, Mrs Clinton said: ‘No, because I’ve been following the research and the polling that’s gone on for a couple of years. I knew that we were inheriting a pretty negative situation that we were going to have to address.’

The tour had some ups and downs, and her first day was overshadowed by the devastating blasts in Peshawar, but overall I think its a positive step towards building a better relationship. I appreciate the fact that she interacted with ordinary Pakistani’s and listened to their reservations over the US policy in the region. We need more visits like these from high profile US officials, in order for them to understand the real issues concerning Pakistan.

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